Friday, July 11, 2008

Email 11-July-2008

Tex! (Bulletin for your site)

I hail from a very large brokerage in NY. My boss (formerly bullofbulls) told everybody last night they should find a farm and get out of cities in next few months. He okayed many withdrawals of dividends held by us and told us firm may close before next week or sooner. People are afraid even the normally good outlook guys think something bad approaching.

Here's to you hope this makes your site visitors curious about what may/could get happening in US and Canada before the fall. I have been reading your site since you were crazy but appears you are becoming saner.

"Master Stockbull"


Rzero said...

Tex getting saner? I sure hope not! :)

Interesting email though. Any verification? Did he use a company email adress? No I dont want to know who sent you this, just some proof of credibility. Too many disinfo around these days.

The financial situation is bad though.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that similar to the start of Rawles "Patriots" ?

Still sounds plausible to me though. I've been out of the stock market for quite some time. I won't get back in until the S REALLY Hits the Fan (it's close but we've seen nothing yet Bear Stearns was a warning)

Solsys said...

That “bullofbulls” guy is not someone to follow. At all. Of course, first point : he has been dramatically wrong so far. Not a good sign.
Secondly, he seems to be in that hysteric phase every person who realize they can actually fail / die / etc. is in. He most probably stumbled upon some mall ninja survival forum (or Y2K survival site for that matter) and now imposes what he read there as absolute truth.

People being in the survival business for some years can tell you that “buying a farm” is a VERY sheeple-like decision. That investment banker of yours is keeping his habit of throwing money at the problems. He thinks he should buy a “food-producing machine”, but in reality he has absolutely no understanding of what a farmer’s life actually is.

I think what he’s having in mind is a veggie patch, because owning and running a farm is something very specific – and it takes a lifetime to master it, or to come into the right mindset.

“Buying a farm” is a magic word, needing as much time to think it over as you need for saying these words. My guess is that your guy picked it from some internet page.

Why ? Farms nowadays are in monoculture ; in the developped countries, the polyculture farm has been extinguished since somewhere in the early 60’s. All farms need input from outside, something you won’t have in a SHTF environment. Farms are being operated to generate cash to buy other stuff. In a cashless world, they will probably still be run, but for the government, by a small group of powerful landlords who can actually hold up to their promise of delivering the goods. Meaning most farmers will be little better than slaves.

For A FRACTION of the price of a farm, you can stock up food and preps. For YEARS. A farm can never give you the nutritional variety you and I are accustomed to, and probably need (unless you fish your own tuna and grow your own pineapples). In stockpiling, you can achieve this nutritional diversity, and complement it with the produce of your veggie patch.

That’s the way to go. Forget about your manager (or humiliate him publicly with your recently aquired knowledge / common sense).


Texas Arcane said...

Excellent post, Solsys. I think you are right, too. I think a person who has just started to realize something is wrong is most likely to advise people to "buy a farm." As you pointed out, growing your own produce isn't a bad idea but stocking up a couple years of food before anything else is the most critical. Stored food can buy you the time you need to think, but a farm is only as good as next year's crop or output, if that.

Anonymous said...

Buying the farm may well be a metaphor to describe "buy lots of land where you have a huge buffer from Zombies and can grow some land".

I don't think it's a "buy a farm and become a farmer" in the modern sense