Saturday, July 12, 2008

DoomShock on CNBC

(Youtube link)

Some casual pundit pinheads are doing their whole entertainment spiel there on the televitz, keeping it's real ... meaning surreal ... and suddenly a guest who perhaps wasn't vetted properly drops the W-Bomb on the entire crew of face puppets.

One week to famine in the United States.

For the rest of the segment they seem to try to recover and go back to the fast-paced, hard hitting theatrical imitation of people who know what they are talking about, but the caller on the phone has put them into an ugly place they hoped they'd escape from when they went to work in television ... reality. Just thinking about what he said appears to leave them stunned like fish in a pond somebody is running electrical current through.

What we've got here is a land mass with 300 million people packed into it whose entire food supply chain depends on outsiders and cheap gas. No gas, in one week it could be babies, the other white meat. Sorry, it's unpleasant and will never play in the sticks, but that is the truth. Rather than shoot the messenger, think of the people who got the country into this fragile condition without any safety net of any kind. It was all their tall tales about globalism and linked economies that got the nation to lay down in the middle of a four lane superhighway in their jock strap. The 'Kwa was never this exposed until it was talked into the condition.


Anonymous said...

Yeah the video shocked me too. Are the sheeple really this ignorant?

Makes me glad Im a social outcast :)


Anonymous said...

The guest was Matt Simmons, Chairman of energy investment banking firm Simmons and Company. The context of the famine in one week comment was what happens following an oil shock from a real gasoline/diesel supply disruption should panic set in. Simmons is well known as a peak oil evangelist and has an excellent energy forecasting track record.

Alex Supertramp said...

I dig that young metrosexual broker "Joe the Liquidater" who kept pulling faces as if to say "this Matt guy is a nut". Matt says we need to "pay by productivity and live in villages,we wont have the rigs needed to exploit new oil fields, there will be a run on banks that will make your head spin", metrosexual boy's only riposte is "commodities are cyclical." I always thought commodities were finite.