Monday, July 28, 2008

Chimpout at the O.K. Kwan Mall

Tyrell and Laquavis keeping it real, Kwanzanian-style.

As many as 300 hominids took place in the riot, acting natchurel and what-have-you/what-not

Most people don't quite understand what sort of effect all this has economically on a country.

In the 1960's, my family used to go to an open air drive-in and they allowed us to run up front to the playground to frolic with the other children while the movie aired. I remember those warm summer nights as being some of the happiest of my life. We whirled around on the carousel, they gave away free ice cream, my brothers and I played cowboys and indians with plastic guns. Saturday night was the most fun of any night of the week.

Then the drive-ins got desegregated.

Today there are no drive-ins, just vacant lots with tumbleweeds blowing across them. Nobody in their right mind would go to a drive-in with blacks unless they had a death wish and wanted their kids to catch a stray bullet. A drive-in for a black person is the equivalent of an open range shooting gallery.

Slowly the world shrinks. Nobody sends their kids outdoors anymore without an escort. Nobody trusts their children even to be out of earshot without supervision. Bowling alone. Pretty soon you don't even trust people you formerly felt safe around. The government presides over a nation of animals kept captive in their homes after sundown and a social environment in which everybody else is terrified of their neighbors, feels no common bonds, has no homogenous culture to share other than what is force-fed them from the sterile idiot box on television.

In the last and final stages, boys and girls no longer have any social situations in which they can be introduced and meet marriage prospects, they decline into impulsive sexual encounters with random strangers. Losing any common ground with the past or the future, divorced from their heritage with all traditional role models ridiculed as persecutors and exploiters, they turn to tattoos, piercing and self-multilation of a variety normally only seen in zoos in primates that are absolutely cut off from all sensory inputs and normal family bonds.

Is it possible to imagine a more toxic, ruined civilization than the Western world?

Everything good that our ancestors left to us has been utterly, utterly destroyed.


Mike W said...

The police appear to be so cowed by PC procedures that they won't even say whether it's 'gang' related or not. Also 'Heather Tant' sounds like she's apologizing for the perception of gang activity at the mall. She must have gotten an 'A' in diversity studies.

Rzero said...


CadorBolin said...

These chimpouts, of course add to the cost of doing business. Then the kwanzanians wonder why their neighborhoods barely have any amenities except for liquor stores.

One only need to compare the reactions of people during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the Midwest flooding of '08 to see who will come out on top when the manure hits the fan.

Blacks have been mollycoddled and subsidized with affirmative action. This is why any talk of reverting back to a colorblind system based on merit (this is what the jews and liberals used to argue for only 60 years ago) is violently opposed by them--any situation where they must be on equal footing with whites (or even other minorities) means that they will be worse off than they are now.

When the social collapse happens, there won't be any civil rights tribunals to persecute whitey for them. They will cry and squeal like stuck pigs and nature will take it's course.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, there are quite a few blacks out there that are decent people. I've met several and have some friends.

On the other hand, being raised in the 'Kwa public school system, I was brainwashed and completely indoctrinated at a young age into believing that the only difference between blacks and whites is pigmentation. I went out into the world blank-slate, believing that anyone with raceist opinions was evil, and that blacks just need more opportunity to flourish.

Then I got out into the world and met several thousand of them. Had my life threatened for being white (even though I've got a family tree full of white males who fought the war to set ther grandparents free) and generally spent many years being immersed in different all-black or mostly-black subcultures in various parts of the country. Seen what kind of society they set up, what kind of values they hold, how they maintain their yards and houses, seen how they value human life and social progression.

90% of them are nothing like me,or you, or anyone you would consider a 'normal' human being. Animals. Complete animals. Monkeys, Niggers, Chimps, pick your label, they all fit. There's a reason why people on the 'dark continent' are still running around in the dirt, chucking spears and throwing rocks while the rest of the world has moved on to rockets and jet airplanes.

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

Joseph Dantes said...

That is the most powerful indictment of PC that I've ever read... and I've been reading them for a long time.