Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can You Do Math? Debt + Income = ITZ COMING

When you realize how far the United States has extended it's credit and to whom they are indebted and what instruments have to be paid off and with what collateral, you will know the truth.

I_T_Z ....C_O_M_I_N_G. Nothing is going to stop it.

No amount of sophistry, semantics or wordplay is gonna change this. Somebody is going to get paid the money they are owed, whether they take it in barter or take it out in ass. Amerikwa never had the power to cancel it's own debts and they are not going to legislate it into existence now.


Anonymous said...

But you know,even this article isn't as 'on the edge' as it ought to be, or could be. It's all obvious. Anyone who pulls their head out of mainstream media's ass long enough to take a fresh breath can see for themselves what this article states.

What I'm interested in, are well informed projections as to the longevity remaining in the 'Kwollar. Nobody wants to suggest a countdown. All these articles talking about a 'coming collapse' as if they have some portentious ability to see the future... are just stating what is already happening.

How about some financial strategists and economists growing some balls and asking the question 'how much longer do you think it will last'.

THAT is the question that everyone wants some answers, hints, suggestions, educated guesses about. But nobody will step up to the plate, not even hypothetically.

Why not?

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

Texas Arcane said...

I can give you the ballpark figures.

By the end of 2008 there will be the worst long range economic outlook for the United States since the Great Depression.

End of 2009, there will be massive unrest in America and vast pockets of anarchy. The rule of law will disappear in parts of the country.

End of 2010, America as it has been known since the middle of the previous century will no longer exist even superficially.

Anonymous said...

All this is taken from Free Republic, but still:

"Norway rats have been bred in scientific laboratories since the middle
nineteenth century. Artificial selection has elicited-partly
through unconscious choices by laboratory personnel-a strain of rats
that is calmer, tamer, less aggressive, more fertile, and with significantly
smaller brains than their wild ancestors. All this is a convenience
for those experimenting on rats."

"In a now-classic experiment, the psychologist John B. Calhoun let
Norway rats reproduce in an enclosure of fixed size until the number
of occupants, and therefore the population density, was very high. He
made sure, however, to provide everyone with enough to eat. What

"As the population increased, a range of unusual behavior was
noted. Nursing mothers became somehow distracted, rejecting and
abandoning their infants, who would wither away and die. Despite the
surplus of ordinary food, the bodies of the newborn would be greedily
eaten by passersby. An adult female in heat or estrus would be pursued
relentlessly, not by one, but by a pack of males. She had no hope
of escape, or even sanctuary. Obstetrical and gynecological disorders
proliferated, and many females died giving birth, or from complications
soon after. When crowded together, the rats lost their inclination
or ability to build nests for themselves and their young; their desultory
constructions were amateurish and ineffective.

"Among the males Calhoun distinguished four types: the dominant,
highly aggressive ones who, although "the most normal," would occasionally
go "berserk"; the homosexuals who made sexual advances
to adults and juveniles of both sexes (but, significantly, only to non ovulating
females): their invitations were generally accepted, or at
least tolerated, but they were frequently attacked by the dominant
males; a wholly passive population that "moved through the community
like somnambulists" with nearly complete social disorientation;
and a subgroup Calhoun calls the "probers," uninvolved in the struggle
for status but hyperactive, hypersexual, bisexual, and cannibalistic. "

(from Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan-Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors 1992 pages 184-185)


Texas Arcane said...

That was awesome! Sounds exactly like downtown L.A. or New York!

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