Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ancient Cycle=Ice Age Toggle=Magnetic Reversal

Something really big is happening down there in the Earth's core. Something amazing.

Remember the days when this stuff was fringe nut fantasy? What happened? Vault-Co was just sitting in place and somehow we drifted right into the mainstream without budging at all. Ten years ago, magnetic reversals were the stuff of alien UFO blogs and new age prophecies. Vault-Co was one of the first sites to predict that 2012 would coincide with incredible changes to the Earth's magnetic field and a reversal that would herald a new ice age. Of course, in all fairness, we got these notions articulated with the help of Robert Felix at and his marvelous book.

When the magnetosphere inverts, the surface of this planet will cook with radiation. Anything topside will be grilled like they were basting on George Foreman's greaseless slow cooker. Gamma ray counts in the thousands in a single day for anybody topside. That's why you need a Vault and it needs to be in deep bedrock.


Justin Patrick said...

I must ask: Why 2012? Why would it not such a magnetic reversal occur earlier or later?

Texas Arcane said...

It's the last ripple in a series of solar cycles that flipflops the Ice Ages every 11,500 years. Guess when the last Ice Age was.

NASA suspects it, they say as much in their press releases. Everybody believes the morbid silence in the Sun now presages one big solar max in 2012.

Notice how they talk about the powerful effects possible from hard radiation on electronic gear - no mention of the humans who operate it. I think mankind is getting to be one big chunk of denial.

Justin Patrick said...

So 2012 it is?


Now, the 2001 UK Census shows a Muslims making up less than 3% of the population, though that number is higher in certain areas in Scotland and England. I wonder, then, what the 2011 census will say.

I still recall your prediction: Sharia law in the UK by 2013; did you mean that it would apply to voluntary participants or to the whole country?

I wonder where I can find archives of the previous incarnations of your website. Can you provide them?

Anonymous said...

If you think that this particular cycle coincides with the 11,500 year solar cycle then you need to
reconsider...this cycle is 100,000 yr+ when you consider the photonic element added when the dark energy entered at the south pole...., this adds to the equation and was never before modelled...

Texas Arcane said...

What is the "photonic element?"

What is the "dark energy?"

Funny how I have been reading about paleclimatology for 12 years and never heard of it before. What do those words mean to you?

Anonymous said...

Photonic energy is magnetic energy.
dark energy, all the same thing.
energy is a vibration of lightwaves is it not? what about magnetic lightwaves? this is dark energy. gravity is not involved and the spinning of this "energy" is vertical somehow.