Wednesday, July 9, 2008

2009 : The Resource Wars Begin

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Note the weird comments about "no particular ideology dividing the world any longer over principles." That's a fancy way of describing Hobbe's War-Of-All-Against-All, which is fought purely for naked survival according to the law of tooth and nail, divided by national and racial interests. No right and wrong. No Geneva Convention. No old fashioned notions of humane conduct or some rules of warfare.

The sad thing is, modern people are so ignorant of themselves and history they actually think this constitutes progress. It's really the classic return of barbarism, predicted by Robert Kaplan, as the only remaining articulation of what is a global war of kill-or-be-killed that is coming.

This is why Vault-Co figured out ten years ago that this war would be fought in the nastiest fashion possible using the ugliest weapons available with no quarter given for any country that cried mercy. We were expecting Cobalt-60 and Americium from the start. We knew the way the world was headed by closely observing the people we met every day. It's the microcosm that gives you the window on the macrocosm, because geopolitical currents are driven by the individual natures of millions of people according to the choices they make every day and the things they say while they are making those choices.

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