Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You didn't believe me about ROLLED OATS

You've never heard a long, extended Vault-Co rant about rolled oats? You have not been surfing this site long enough!

My personal, firsthand experience with 12+ year old food has told me things I didn't otherwise read in books anywhere.

Some foods have special qualities. The books say 5-10 years. I'm telling you, stored correctly, some of this stuff will go 20, 30 and 40+ years.

1. Powdered whole milk lasts infinity plus if kept cool, dry and out of light. Infinity. Forget about "3-5 years" like they mark on the bag. I'm still drinking powdered milk from 1996. There is just no appreciable difference.

2. Shredded wheat is eternity food if kept dry and cool.

3. Rolled oats, a very nutritious food, last damn near forever even when stored in less than ideal conditions. That and brown sugar would weather many a famine as a staple.

4. White rice, of course. It never goes off if kept dry.

Still under observation ... powdered eggs, sardines, many others.

Use mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, then keep them in a cool location. That food may outlast you. I would swear to this in an affidavit if asked.


Anonymous said...

I've just looked at the pictures of your Vault. Very impressive. Is it habbital now? If there was a nuclear war tomorrow could you bunker down in it? How does your wife feel about your preps?

Texas Arcane said...

My power situation at present is a bit iffy. The rest of the shelter is coming together pretty well.

At the moment I have some rechargeable batteries, a diesel genset, an exercise bike for generating current and some defunct solar panels.

What I need is a dedicated facility to store and manage limitless 24/7 power around the clock. So the shelter will never power down and never be without ample 12 volt juice everywhere. This is the reason I'm working on Sparkgap.

It's habitable right now, it's just the longer term I am not quite fully prepped for yet. My original goal was to be able to live in the shelter for forty years if necessary without any dependency on the outside world, still need a bit of work on this feature.

Anonymous said...

Education in Australia:

Anonymous said...

The power problem is what i have given most thought to. The only long term solution would be to be located next to a stream or an area where hidden wind turbines can be placed. An exercise bike could also provide 500-1000w a day per person.

Texas Arcane said...

Look into VAWTs. (Vertical Wind Access Turbines)

I took my horizontal windmill down a few months ago and am planning to put in a VAWT instead. It can be camouflaged and even sheltered without damaging it's efficiency.

I have bought all the parts, I just need to set aside a weekend to work on it.