Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Would Be The Ultimate False Flag?

You could reel yourself a World Government in on the back of a lie this big if you were able to pull it off. Don't think people are this stupid? See my previous post below. It would be the last word in mass distraction from real problems.

Panic in England Over UFO Armada

All That Way Just To Conquer Liverpool

They've Come To Study Our Socialist Flats and Minivans

Sheep Stealing Wankers

Our alien science is so advanced it defies your comprehension. But what we really need are nice warm wool shirts.

They Need To Attack Our Combustion Engine Flying Machines ... to test their starship propulsion systems against our benchmark!

Limeys seeing'em everywhere ... common before a World War starts, historically ...

Are they Time Travelers getting a peek at our 21st century civilization right before it gets nuked? I dunno. Some people think it is something more sinister.


Anonymous said...

Now you're just being plain nuts.


Chesterton said...

Have you noticed just how many positive news stories there've been about survivalists and aliens lately? Whenever the media does a 180 degree turn on a dime like this about anything, you just know something big is getting ready to happen.

Every time I read one of these alien stories I think back to the article you posted last August. It's difficult to believe that even the sheeple would be dumb enough to fall for it, but things have gotten so crazy that nothing would surprise me at this point.

How soon until a politician calls for a global Cthulu tax?

Justin Patrick said...

Anonymous said...

I've been following this issue for a long time and at this point, I have come to the conclusion that the modern UFO myth is a creation of US intelligence agencies.
If I'm right, the primary purpose of this deception is to obscure the development of new kinds of aircraft. During the 60s for instance, the CIA supposedly circulated stories of aliens and "flying saucers" to cover up development of the SR-71 spyplane. In more recent times around 2000, UFO investigators in Europe made a conceptual breakthrough: They realized that virtually all of the sightings of "flying triangles" in Europe were occuring on direct lines-of-flight between major NATO airbases.

As for the idea of all this being the prelude to a flag flag op, well after 911, I don't rule anything out anymore. Still it doesn't really seem very likely at least not in the near future. Maybe in 30-50 years, if the System is actually still standing, then they might try it on for real. But why bother now? They're still getting some traction out of the whole War on Terror con....


Texas Arcane said...

This is what I think.

UFO obfuscation discredits sightings of experimental aircraft when they occur, assuring that aerial weapons development can ensue without public exposure or scrutiny by the press. Imagine the sea of litigation if the Air Force was exposed doing flyovers of the heartland with experimental aircraft that were not perfected yet at speeds many times that of sound.

For example, I believe they fire particle beams regularly into the air out at Pine Gap. Occasionally when there are sightings, it is reported by the media as some phenomena with no earthly explanation.