Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tyrants Thwarted At Final Threshold Before Absolute Power

I'll keep this simple for you.

A coup in 40+ nations in Europe has been conducted without the people of any of these nations being consulted. Each and every one of them has been conquered by stealth under cover of darkness.

One nation and one nation only was allowed to vote on the matter of the European Union - Ireland. Even with notorious vote fraud and a massive propaganda campaign, the Irish still knocked it back by 54 to 46.

The mass media damage control has leapt into action, immediately spinning the nay vote into a simple desire for more assurances or an executive they can vote on.

Not true. The Irish don't want to join the European Union. Neither do the other forty nations that have had this treasonous occupation shoved down their throat.

Given a say in their own lives, Europeans would say no to the European Union. Is that "democratic" enough for you?

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Anonymous said...


The Dutch voted NO and then our 'goverment' decided to simply stop asking us and just gratified the new EU constitution. Treasenous bastards.

If the Dutch could vote, we'd voted NO. NO to a unified europe. NO to open borders. No eastern european countries bleeding us dry of jobs and subsidies!

At the extreme left and extreme right side of dutch politics there's a strong anti-european sentiment. The 'old' parties are still pro-europe and are getting hammered in the polls. There is still hope!