Friday, June 13, 2008

Since Temperature Records Began

Read through 'til the end of the article.

The idea that the common man will just start a victory garden is a flawed assumption. It's going to be impossible to even grow potatos without an underground greenhouse in North America.

If you start with the foreknowledge you gain from reading Vault-Co, your end result will be much more optimal to actually go on living.

Our next project, the permaculture lab, was never intended to be anywhere other than under a meter of soil. We are working on the proposition that the future is going to be a very, very cold place even here in Australia, with irregular sunshine and little heat. We have planned on growing food the same way they do in Antarctica for a role model.

Also remember, you can't harvest a garden that is aboveground in a radioactive environment. So a piece of thick translucent plastic ain't gonna cut it.

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Anonymous said...

Well its finally getting colder here. After another record breaking war spring (like we had for the past 4 years), the temperatures has dropped to a less than normal 17C.

No signs of polarbears or camels yet.