Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pining For The Apocalypse

Read the comments.

This is a complex subject.

I'll try to sum up thirty years of reasoning on this subject by saying this ...

Once you lose the confidence of the sweet people who made Western civilization a nice place to live, you've already lost your civilization. What follows is mere epilogue.

Without writing a couple paragraphs (I could easily do so) it is sufficient to say that when people feel so trapped between the madness of political correctness and reality that the apocalypse becomes something to actually look forward to, you have self-fulfilling conditions at work. If the Dutch middle-class starts to eagerly desire the collapse of their own society after centuries of peaceful tranquillity, that tells you that it isn't far off at all. Once the people who actually keep that society intact start abdicating, the end is very close.

I reckon similar sentiments could be found all over the UK and most of Europe. If the Europeans give up and abandon ship, will the new immigrants be able to keep the magic going that makes it such a nice place to live ... as opposed to where they came from? Is it the cosmic synergy gas exuded by the soil? Who needs'em anyhow? The streetlights, flush toilets and hydroelectric plants will just fix themselves, the same way they do in Zimbabwe.


CadorBolin said...

Those sentiments resemble mine. When governments begin to outlaw corporal punishment of children, it is not worth preserving anymore. I could take solace in ignoring the government before, but now, they are a satanic force that is treasonous to humanity.

I spit on the flag of my country, and I will lift nary a finger when it is attacked. I will celebrate it's destruction when TSHTF.

I love the sound of sheeples squealing like stuck pigs right now because of gasoline and food prices. I tried to wake them up and warn them about what's coming, but what's the point?

Anonymous said...

As a dutchman I have never EVER heard anybody talk about 2012. NOBODY. And my friends are doomers.

We DO however look forward to the great collapse. The ruling 'Randstad' elite of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague are reviled throughout the provinces. Also people are just itching for an excuse to clean the country out of 'non-dutch citizens'.


Anonymous said...

Oh and will somebody please take britain out its misery?


Anonymous said...

Tex, I have read comments by you for many years on a certain site. I've read this blog for a while. I use to think you were a bit nuts but now that I've gone out and about in the big wide world I find myself agreeing with you more and more. It scares the hell out of me. Heres an article you may find interesting.

Civilisation is going to collapse into a nuclear war isn't it?

Anonymous said...

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