Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Obama Ready To Finish This Sick Beast Off (once and for all)

This Mugabe-style Marxist hardcore lowdown brother is going to do a job on the Amerikwan economy during his term that will be nothing less than epic if he gets elected. I foresee a booming trade in baby cooking utensils in early 2010 if he is installed in office.

Amerikwa will get the same treatment by historians that the late stage final Egyptian dynasties did. They put a black pharoah on the throne. Then they all died screaming. That's the upbeat, feelgood hit of the summer optimistic outlook, mind you. Amerikwa's fate will probably be much worse when all the tragedies are collated into one big narrative.


Anonymous said...

America's economy is toast. It doesn't matter who the puppet is

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Obama? Would you prefer McKane

Texas Arcane said...

I don't support any of the fake, manufactured straw men candidates funded and promoted by the CFR.

There were two non-synthetic candidates named Ron Paul and Alan Keyes. Everyone else in the race represents the best fake opposition that money can buy.

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