Monday, June 16, 2008

'Kwans Bugeyed On Drugs 24/7

So much for recycled miracle urine as a water source. (Wink-wink) Yes, I'm sure that's how all those tranks and sedatives got in there.

This explains a helluva lot. Sometimes when you're speaking to a Yank they have that far-off grinning 1000-mile stare like shellshocked combat vets. It's just the dope in their water.

Between this and about ten different effeminizers in the water, you're talking about a population that can be made to think what they're told, say what they're told and do what they're told. It's too easy. Yanks are the warmest place to hide. They're the perfect host.

Maybe it's for the same reasons they trank down cattle when they arrive at the slaughteryard. So they don't try to bolt and run when they are prodded up the ramp into the cool interior.


Anonymous said...

Please have another arrow Tex: "tomorrow" is spelled with a single m!
- like edjumification!

Texas Arcane said...

That's the reason I posted the photo. Kwanzanies can't spell "tomorrow" correctly.