Monday, June 30, 2008

'Kwan Versus Darwin : FAIL

Leeshawn bee gate-jumpin n'sheeeeeeeeeiiiit yassum. Because of the nature of the injury, there were fortunately no fatalities at the scene. Respekt BRRRAAAPPPPP dats what'im'talkin' bout yo whaddap widdat racist cracker forward inertial mass n'sheeeiiiitt? Date bee dey trip, homes, no'whadd'im'sayin yassum brudda bee trippin'n sheeeiiiittt.


Anonymous said...

At 17 years old he would be an "adult" under Australian law. Old enough to go to adult gaol. To be honest it really irritates me when the MSM use "teenager" to describe a young adults age. Maybe 17 is a bit harsh but definitely for 18 & 19 year olds

Anonymous said...


Asia Leeshawn Ferguson was decapitated by Batman at Six Fags Over
Georgia on Saturday, after the 'tard jumped over the security fence
surrounding the ride, along with another nigglet buck, which was later
identified as his cousin Abongo Luther Jones. At this time the reason
why Asia Leeshawn Ferguson jumped the fence remains unclear. Two
versions are being reported by the PC media for the TNB, the first one
is that A. Leeshawn went over the security fence to 'retrieve his hat'
and the second more realistic excuse claims the fecal colored
parasites were stoned and wanted to look up da White Wimmins skirts as
the coaster went by. Asia Leeshawn Ferguson and his shitskinned cousin
were at the Six Fags Over Georgia as a part of the pack from Oakey
Springs Baptist Church, S.C.

"When he jumped the fence, I guess he thought he woulda made it under
the ride, but I guess something caught him and hit him real hard," one
witness of the horrible accident was quoted. Police say the Batman
roller coaster was going full-speed when it hit the shitskinned twit;
the park's Web site says the ride's top speed is 50 miles per hour.
According to authorities, the two pickaninnies sneaked off to smoke
some shit, while the africoons was having a waddemelon. "Wez still
don't know wassup, no wut I'ze sayin'? He was my oldest sprog. He was
named after me. It's tragic," said Asia Ferguson III, the father of
Asia LeeShawn Ferguson IV. We gonna SUE dat Batman and Robin bof…