Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Krazy Krumbling Kwanzai Krapocalypse

Iowa, Illinois and Missouri to be depopulated of 'Kwan populations? Looks that way. Don't worry, it's only the heartland. We'll still have New Jersey.

The timing of it all couldn't be better.

This will push food through the roof. A million refugees for the camps. Insurance busted.

It's as if God no longer cares for the 'Kwa.


Anonymous said...



Please explain, Thanks.

Ice Cream Soldier said...

Perhaps it's more like there is no god.

What makes OZ any more special?

Or anyplace or anyone else for that matter.

Tex, you're like a reformed smoker... You hate the smokers who haven't reformed . You left America and now you hate us.

I see as much bad, or worse, in Australia but you constantly kick America.

Proof that God is a human construct... he mirrors your likes and dislikes.

Texas Arcane said...

Amerikwa. A compound of America, Kwanzaa and Kweer. 'Kwans being the feebleminded slackjawed dwellers upon this blighted patch of earth.

trueaim said...

It's true Tex, Kwa did make a most comfortable and obliging host. Now we witness the alien bloodsucker cabal emerge from its compliant host and devour it whole.