Friday, June 13, 2008

John Coleman's Speech Before San Diego Chamber of Commerce

Thinking about all this stuff makes me feel sad most of the time.

I always have this sense I may have missed my actual universe by a slice of quantum reality and gotten stuck in this kind of sh*tty, substandard place where everything involving humans is sort of dumb and sub-par to the point of being ludicrous. To a degree in which my speaking out loud may actually reduce my innate dignity. As I have gotten older, I've lost all interest in talking to humans altogether, with a handful of exceptions.

It's sort of like Charlton Heston being dragged in front of the orangutang council and charged with heresy. Does he really gain anything by arguing with apes, no matter how eloquently or with what powerful arguments? Or would he really say more by refusing to honor these beasts by replying to any of their questions? You know in advance how it will turn out - everything Chuck says will sail right over their heads and they'll just scoff and sneer at him the more sense he makes. I think Chuck should just stare at the monkeys with an even gaze and not respond to any of them - he shouldn't give them the satisfaction. That would say much more with silence. The truth is, they have no common context. All their assumptions about the world are so differentiated that the apes have no ears for anything that Chuck could possibly say.

I reckon this is why a lot of bright people, as they get older, tend to just start sitting in easy chairs by themselves and staring off into space.

I should be grateful I still have so many enthusiasms to comfort me no matter what is happening in my life. I'm lucky to have such a wide variety of passions, including one for survival. That and my family together with my faith are a source of enormous comfort to me. A lot of you younger people will not know what any of this means until you are much older and your blood begins to cool. It's once you lose interest in being proven right about anything that you will start to see with greatly renewed clarity.


Anonymous said...

Would the replacement of "fossil fuels" be such a terrible thing? It's just a matter of making the transition go well for the good guys, whoever they are. The devils usually win, because they are always there, at all transitions, making sure they go as planned or as not planned, whatever suits them.

Already a hundred years ago the plan was to have cars running with electricity instead of fuel, and have battery change stations instead of fuel stations. Ford was spearheading the whole thing, because he thought that oil as a commodity would lend itself too well to all sorts of manipulation and trickery. But the devils won.

CadorBolin said...

Of course he's making too much sense, but I think he's going about it the wrong way. He wants to save civilization, but that is just the status quo--which means a bunch of metrosexuals sa-shaying in the mall sipping on frappucinos.

No, the current "civilization" is decadent and corrupt and every right thinking citizen should nary life a finger to save it. I say that Al Gore and his delusions should be taken to their most logical extreme.

Al Gore was also the biggest pusher for ethanol in the 1990s--his tie-breaking vote as VP in the Senate enabled the ethanol scam/subsidy which is causing high food prices today.

trueaim said...

Clearly, there will be marked increase in polar bear populations
given the amount of human meat that will be floating aimlessly around like froth on the waves of God's ocean.
My prediction, and I submit this to Al Gore the UN and the Chairman Rudd and Cate Blanchet 2020 Summit Committee, is 20% increase in polar bears and most if not all top carnivore predators including human cannibals by the year 2020!
And that is a concervative estimate.....

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