Monday, June 30, 2008

Hint : 'Kwans ain't never going back to the Moon

That's for vibrant, healthy nations with citizens who can still walk and chew gum at the same time. The 'Kwa can't remember to wash their hands after using the toilet ... they sure as hell ain't going to the moon to harvest helium three.

The West now exists strictly as comic relief until the nuclear-tipped cruise missiles arrive to relieve them of their lives. They scarcely have sufficient engineers remaining to fix indoor plumbing ... going to the moon is a little optimistic. In 1955 it was a nation of engineers ... today it is mostly a land of crotch-grabbers and baggy-pantsed hook-em-horns congenital losers who can't make correct change for a dollar.

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CadorBolin said...

The 'kwa has forgotten how to put a man on the moon. How is that possible? Well, when Rome collapsed, indoor plumbing and flush toilets did not become available to Western civilization until a thousand years later.

There is no pride in the 'kwa anymore. Why should anyone be proud of a country that is infiltrated with traitors who want to legalize child buggery and eventually ban spanking?

Let the 'kwa die. The upcoming Obama presidency is a metaphor to how far the country has fallen.

The 5-4 Supreme Court decision to allow private gun ownership is a sliver of a godsend. The real patriots should take it as a sign to bunker down and drop out of society into your vault when the Bongo party begins.