Monday, June 23, 2008

A Good Example Of Why NASA Is Hopelessly Inept

This loser sounds like more like a professional witch hunter than a scientist.

Notice how NASA, with all it's hardware and money, is no better than the minds that work there. The smart people left a long, long time ago.

Who is a better scientist than this guy? Anybody who can fog up a mirror.

It's the sociopaths who want the credentials, the position, the appearance of authority. That's because they need it the most, men who would otherwise have none. The porn-surfing affirmative action hires at NASA are not good enough to shine the shoes of the janitor who worked there in 1958.

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Anonymous said...

The wheels are coming off and they are looking for someone to blame. The big corporations will be first, then it's all immigrants and skin color. The world will be balkanized.


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