Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fiat Currencies = Inflation = World War. Period

Do 'Kwans deserve what is going to happen to them? After all, they are a nation of bastards. The Founding Fathers would not approve of any of these bums.

If you are no better than a stone-age savage, then sooner or later you will live like one. What does a nation of crotch-grabbers thinks it has done to deserve running water and electric lights? Everybody in that country talks like a free range 'groid, so now they can experience the 'groiditude they envy so much. In fact, let's pack'em into the cities all together and see what happens. No more running away from diversity into the suburbs. Look at diversity in the face and tell me how wonderful it is. Wait until you have to go next door to ask them to turn the stereo down so your kids can sleep. That's going to be extremely funny.


Justin Patrick said...

Anonymous said...

I find your commentary compelling.

How are you going to Lock and Load in the land down under?

Texas Arcane said...

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You would find that PVC pipe ends are more expensive here in Australia because demand is so high.