Sunday, June 22, 2008

Buckle Up

Stocks collapsing

The brass in high places know it's getting ready to implode

The poor will go hungry first and they are the ones who can cause the most trouble, having the least to lose.

The government has to cut critical services starting now

There's a classic route you take when your nation is going down the fiat currency toilet pipes.

You have to find a war somewhere to start.

Israel Preparing For Attack On Iran With Or Without U.S.

Is it Iran's response they are worried about ...

... or Russia's?

Russia has problems of it's own and blames them on America

In all fairness, Vault-Co predicted in 1997 it would never last past 2006 before it went pear shaped. Our prediction was wrong. It limped along for another two years into 2008 and then it all began to crumble away as described very, very rapidly. As always, our timing was off but most of the other details were very close to verbatim.

We're about to hit some turbulence. Please buckle up your seatbelt.

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