Monday, May 5, 2008

Second Weirdest Thing We've Ever Posted

I saw something funny last night myself.

I have a better explanation than aliens from another planet.

I think there is a lot of undocumented military traffic in the skies over Australia. In fact, I think Australia is used by the United States as a testing lab for most of their newest equipment.

There's a reason the Stealth Bomber was declassified. It's because America got something much better. I think that is what a lot of these folks are seeing out West.

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Anonymous said...

"another woman saw "orange, green and white'' flashing shapes moving around the moon." .... I can think of a few drugs that explain everything in that article. Why would the U.S. risk shipping their classified tech across the ocean and testing in a place they had no jurisdiction or control? Area 51 is a pretty big place in it'self, but the whole Great Basin is pretty much desolate. We've plenty of local UFO stories out here, mostly in the basin rural areas.

But I do agree with you, any real (not drug induced or hoaxed)sightings are far more likely to be military craft than aliens.

(A Thousand Good Intentions)