Saturday, May 31, 2008

June 1st, 2008 A.D. : Record Lows Across The Globe

Enjoying summer yet? I love summer. The hot blistering sun, the green blooms following spring ... oh, that's right, it's June 1st and we never actually saw spring, just a winter that doesn't seem to end.

Al Gore lies, a lot. Satellites and deep sea temperature monitors don't lie.

Rapid Climate Cooling = Resource Conflicts Over Fuel = World War III.

It only took ten years for the world's best scientists to figure out what Vault-Co knew back in 2001 from reading old books on weather published in the 1860's ... THE SUN IS THE SOURCE OF ALL WEATHER AND CLIMATE CHANGES HERE ON EARTH.

It's the Maunder Minimum, people. You don't need to get hit on the head with an anvil like the Coyote in those Road Runner cartoons to figure it out. There is going to be one gigantic apocalyptic Solar Maximum in 2012 and then the Sun is going to enter an expansion and cooling period that will last at least 12,000 years. It will grow larger in the sky and paradoxically, emanate less heat. Sun spots will nearly cease to exist, a phenomena we take for granted when in fact it only occurs regularly during the interglacial period. All other times, the Sun is a much cooler and bigger ball hanging in the sky.

Let me tell you about what effect the cold has on civilizations. Mind you, I am speaking of far stabler societies over the past 5000 years with a much larger and more reliable agricultural supply chain that was based inside the nation, not the "globalist" house of cards we live on top of today.

1. The cold makes people get hungry. And cold. This makes them very irritable and easily driven to desperation. What would seem outrageous and unthinkable becomes the new normal for people who are cold and increasingly hungrier. Less food means less metabolic heat and less metabolic heat makes people more impulsively aggressive. 1.5 billion hungry and pissed off Chinese people is a big, big problem. It's all fun and games when the Sun is out, Walmart is open and selling your exports and you've got food on the table. Whole different ballgame at the start of a new Ice Age.

2. When it's colder, nations go to war.

3. The simple little things taken for granted during warmer eras now become major crises on a daily basis.

4. Cold makes protein scarce. You probably take protein for granted. Try going 24 hours without some, eating only carbohydrates. It tend to make folks get a little rabid real quick-like. If they don't get some soon, they start to lose the needed biological energy and drive to acquire it. The most expedient but previously inconceivable alternatives then emerge as the shortest plausible distance between two points.

5. Resource conflicts cause ethnic tribal ingroup instincts to come to the fore and outgroup tolerance to decrease. In fact, altruism is often the name we give to those most willing to kill outsiders in the name of the common good. The stage is ripe for a resurgence in the racial nationalism that characterized World War II (particularly amongst the Asians) except a million times worse on this cycle. World War III will be a naked struggle of various competing ethnic groups to survive one another at the expense of outgroups. The amity-enmity ratio is only possible to neutralize with enough burgers and milkshakes to leave human beings in a kind of warm, confused fog. There is no such animal as "multiculturalism" when the temperature drops.

Ice Age II = Global Thermonuclear War.

P A C K__Y O U R__R I C E.
(Itz coming.)

See The Elephant #2

This is a pretty good example of what I was talking about below.

In the past ten years, very quietly with little or no publicity, the oceans of Earth have changed into an anoxic, bacteria rich soup flushed with sulphur dioxide and other compounds normally found in byproducts of undersea volcanism. Massive waves of extinction in the ocean have been marching through one species after another as they have heated up rapidly and dramatically from the bottom. In large parts of the ocean, jellyfish are the only thing left thriving outside of the microscopic level. Birds fly for weeks over the sea until they die of exhaustion and plunge into the water, unable to locate fish to eat. This has happened so rapidly it seems to be incomprehensible to most of mankind - you can tell people about it and they nod but it is obvious they don't really understand the implications of what they are hearing. It doesn't register with them. They don't actually know what that means.

All mass extinction events start in the oceans this exact same way, going back two billion years of fossil and strata records. It is indubitably related to underwater volcanism, followed by surface volcanism.

This guy's conclusion in the article above is that all of this is due to overfishing. He's like the blind man who grabs the trunk. "An elephant is a lot like a snake," he says, "in fact, it's exactly like my brother Al Gore's pet snake."

It's not a snake. It's an elephant. Mandating dolphin-safe labels on tuna cans will not save you.

Friday, May 30, 2008

See The Elephant

The book that started me thinking about all of it was Robert Kaplan's The Coming Anarchy. A lot of people have thought that Kaplan was shilling for Zionists seeking American intervention in the Middle East, but I regard him as something of an entirely different order and largely inaccessible to most people because of his objectivity. Kaplan in his narrow obsession is one of the first modern writers I discovered who could see the elephant. I think that Robert's fear is that we are all one giant ship of fools headed in the same direction, as the story by Ted Kaczynski goes. I believe that Robert is not an advocate as a result of his perception of what the real problems are.

"Kaplan offers no vision, no strategy, nothing beyond accurate descriptions of the current state of warfare inside the Gap. He is the global war on terror's best sideline reporter, but he's the wrong source to cite on how to run the entire franchise." -- Thomas P. M. Barnett

There is a parable about six blind men and an elephant. Partisanship caused each blind man to claim he understood what an elephant was, based randomly on the part he had grasped at random. None of these men understood what as elephant was because they were hyperfocused on their own experience of the thing. None saw that the elephant was the union of all these things at once, making it more than the sum of it's parts.

Some people think that the biggest problems for Western civilization are economic. There is some truth to what they are saying. It's definitely an end to the empire.

Others say the biggest threat to us is Peak Oil or the coming Clash of Civilizations between the West and underdeveloped nations. There is some truth to all these allegations. Worldwide there is an omnipresent threat of emerging super plagues which tend to flourish during periods of warfare and mass migrations.

Some say our society is being destroyed from within. There is certainly truth to that. There are a few who see that nuclear proliferation is becoming uncontrollable. That's very accurate.

Others closer to the truth note the preparations of China for what they consider to be inevitable. Getting warmer. Some say the Cold War never ended. They're starting to smoke.

Those with an even bigger perspective point out all this is taking place during an era of pronounced climate change and a long term shift to colder weather. Now that is a broad insight ... but it still lacks something.

The fact is, all these things are taking place at the same time. That's the elephant.

At Vault-Co we call it the Apocalypse Trifecta. That's how we lost interest in politics and started a hobby digging instead.

Die, Imperialist Running Dogs

Amerikwa has lost the ability to suspect others of less than pure motives. This is the same thing as preparing to expire from a terminal illness. Diplomacy is all about reading between the lines all the time and trying to guess where your opponent will be going next. The loss of the sort of mental acuity that makes for good diplomats means a nation has lost the ability to cope with the conflicting aims and aggressions of other countries.

Another Example of What is Wrong With Britain

If you read the articles in newspapers a hundred years ago and compare them with articles written today, you will see that articles written nowadays are more frivolous, ludicrous and age far more rapidly. They tend to paint a picture of an entire population that has gone completely off the rails mentally and lost all touch with reality.

The next time somebody brings up the fact there appear to be almost no Britons over 40 who can read, send them this link. This is the kind of clown they have in charge of the educational system over there. I'd consider this prima facie evidence this dude needed to be sacked, given a pink slip and sent home. He gives the impression he's a bureaucrat who has gone quietly mad in the isolation of his office.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Eurotrash Closet Marxists Outlaw Their Opposition

So tell me again why it's wrong when the Nazis do it, but right nowadays. What with peeple so edjumificated and whatnot.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vault OS Update #21 : Must Read

This article is incredible. It led me to another site where someone has Monowall running off a 32 mb flashcard. The author of this site has already figured out how to build the entire required infrastructure using FreeBSD architecture.

I have to do some experiments to see if I can get this running on one of my embedded boards before I can know more. I've got the environment running in VMWare as a virtual machine now.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Western People : Slow As Molasses

I just felt like posting a few things tonight. Not because I think it will do any good, but just because I want to show you how incredibly dumb modern people are. They are really, really feebleminded bordering on senile or even vegetative. There's no way genes could account for all of this. There have got to be poisons in the food and water accelerating this somehow.

Lee Hamilton brushing over Mineta's testimony, a revelation that would have brought down the government fifty years ago.

Here as in so many newsrooms across the globe, it was reported that WTC7 had collapsed several minutes before it happened ... when it did happen, it was almost comical in it's speed. Nobody has ever seen a building fall that quickly from a structural fire in human history. Skyscrapers in Mexico have burned several months without ever collapsing, much less at freefall speed :

Here's another report that obviously went out too early

Really Monty Pythonesque, mankind

There was no reason of any kind to expect that building to collapse that way. None at all.

Foreign countries get to talk more about American news than Americans do

Silverstein blurted it out but that's not enough to trigger brain activity in Ameriwans. It's so obvious even a child could figure it out. Amerikwans are drawing a blank. How much more blatant could they make it?

This is grand guignol. It's melodramatic theatre. Badly conducted and orchestrated, I might add, with cardboard villains and caricatures. Everybody benefited. The only people that got hurt are the little people, the people nobody cares about. The nothing people that don't make a stain when they die. Silverstein pocketed the riches of a small country by playing along. The attack on Iraq and Afghanistan was planned the year prior.

You can appreciate why I identify with Luke Wilson in IDIOCRACY so strongly. This is the world I live in. I feel like that guy all the time. Sometimes I can't believe what kind of crap comes out of ordinary people. There are days I feel like the only person on the planet who can walk and chew gum at the same time. I've felt this way most of my adult life. Most people, there just isn't enough "there" to consider anybody "there." Global warming, gun control ... how on Earth could you pull this crap on real human beings? You couldn't. That's why nobody did. It's my generation that was ripe for this garbage. They buy it, hook, line and sinker. They've got minds like infants.

So you're wondering why I used the phrase "Western people" above?

Transparent fraud perpetrated on the British people, just as slow as their Yank counterparts

I could post a thousand more links, but honestly, why bother?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Greatest Liberator Of Women The World Has Ever Known

I expect in coming years, it will be so simple that even women will be able to figure it out.

When Post Apocalyptic Monsters Attack

Ordinary people don't know about the ancient animosity and conflict that has existed between men and canines for millions of years. They have been the number one obstacle to our expansion and there are probably more human beings killed by jackals or something similar thereof than any other cause in history outside of other human beings.

We beat these creatures by domesticating turncoats as our alarm systems, protectors and aide-de-camps. Without dogs bred to protect us from dogs, it is likely we would have never been safe down out of the trees. We owe them much of our survival.

I believe that one of the surprises waiting for the survivors of the Third World War will be that once they have surmounted shelter, hunger and thirst, they will find themselves at the mercy of packs of wild dogs running into the thousands in the post-apocalyptic environment. Dogs really are man's second best friend. His best friend is Colt .45, a buddy you should never leave home without.

The Vault Expands Itself

By the time it makes the mass media, it is starting to look like a mass exodus rather than a fringe social movement. We're talking millions of people with IQs higher than room temperature who have figured out something is not kosher and it is coming fast.

Greenland is the First To Go

Not good. Not an anomaly. The recurring start of a new cycle that is best called the end of the interglacial period. A return to normalcy, in fact.

Warmthinkery soon to be as popular as Rational Rose for software development.

Another bit of madness the strongest adherents are now denying any knowledge of.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cultural Diversity Expands In Baby-Eater Central

(Very graphic links, warning this is what is happening in the real world)

Oprah Winfrey was telling you South Africa was on a golden path to utopia in 2001. It still suffered from afterglow under apartheid which it was just then shaking off to return to it's "normal" state. Oprah was convinced that the dying embers of European rule were in fact the beginnings of a grand new era of peace and prosperity at the hands of magnificent bonobo administrators.

Vault-Co told you it was headed down greased rails to classic Chimpbabwe hellworld.

What was odd about all of this? Oprah was as vague as the rest of the mass media. Other than beautiful platitudes and sentiments, you didn't hear much news out of Africa in the mainstream at all.

One of us was lying. One of us got it wrong. Was it Vault-Co or was it Oprah?

What was the difference in our paradigm that made it possible for Vault-Co to accurately foresee the future but proved Oprah utterly incorrect altogether?

Vault-Co continues to insist that simply reporting the news from reality for one month in the mass media would lead to armed revolution in the streets. True. That's the reason the media is so tightly controlled, to prevent any contact between the mushy confused brains of the Western population and the ugly world out there beyond the glass wall of the Propasphere.

Once isolated inside this sensory deprivation tank, all kinds of miracles of human mental engineering become possible ... gun control ... global warming ... carbon sequestration ... "free elections" .... "wars to make peace," ... etc ... the only stipulation is that no real news must ever be permitted to slip past the opaque barrier of baloney.

China,Russia : For Want Of A Nail, a Nation Was Lost

Nuclear "partnership" is a diplomatic synonym for "joint atomic waxing of capitalist ass."

While Amerikwa has been chasing towelhead goatherders in the Middle East, meanwhile back in the real world Russia and China have basically locked up the entire planet's resources and consolidated control of nearly every single important strategic element required to fight and win at the big stakes game of global thermonuclear warfare.

Would Modern People Know Totalitarianism If They Saw It?

I don't think they would.

I don't believe there is a third of the population who can spell "totalitarianism," much less know what it is. I think the majority of people living in the West don't even know what kind of government they live under ... even worse, I believe they no longer even care.

The most incredible thing about this event was just how little uproar there was about it, other than full support for whatever it is the "guffamint" decided arbitrarily to do. The media was on the sidelines cheerleading the whole thing and built up an even bigger set of vague smear stories than they did against David Koresh after they incinerated him and eighty people. The thing is, David Koresh was a bastard and some of the agitprop was likely true, except that still doesn't explain why the government attacked a civilian home with heavy armored vehicles and assault choppers. Whatever was wrong with Koresh, he had a twenty year history of cooporation with law enforcement.

Waco was a field trial and this recent experiment at the Zion Ranch was an attempt to extend the envelope that was already pushed out by Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Next up, the government will be conducting field executions of people with overdue library books. People who pass without signaling. People who play their music too loud on Sundays. Whatever fringe group you got, the government will use them as their excuse to see how much more they can get away with. Each time, the population is further desensitized to atrocities by the ruling elites.

So don't come crying to me when you feel that rifle barrel in your back shoving you into the boxcar. You waited too long to start caring and it was too late by the time you did.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The End Cycle

Something common characterizes the Book of Genesis, the ancient Vedantic writings, the Indo-Aryan tales of the Mahabharata, the end of days and the great war of "fire mushrooms," even the Norse tales of Ragnarok.

We always find the last straw that finally unleashed God's wrath was the attempt by mankind to corrupt the original seed of man, made in the image of God, by mixing it with demons and beasts to produce abominations.

God produced the Flood to counter the genetic miscreants produced by the union of Nephilim and human women. The Mahabarata says that Vishnu struck down the world of man because he was intent on mixing his seed with that of beasts. The Vedantic writings say that men were seeking to merge their descendant lines with that of evil spirits and imps from the netherworld into something which would be unable to attain the divine.

In all these writings there is the same consistent theme found each and every time - man is a special and unique creation who is a child of God and when he grew so wicked he sought to pervert his genetic inheritance, the creator moved to close the curtain on that era. God intervenes to prevent human beings from moving themselves so far from his original design they can no longer be considered human and therefore beyond salvation.

In all these ancient books, such efforts by the children of evil are cut short when heaven ends the cycle of life with a great and terrible Ragnarok.

You can laugh all you want at these ancient writings, except that these very same books say in the last days men always scoff at wisdom and reject the lessons of history. So they predicted that as well. Most of the ancient texts seem to know in advance what human beings will do when the end approaches better than most men themselves do.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Last Days of the United States

Where these people are going, they won't be coming back from.

Fools see empires die in one final war and they assume that this war is the reason a civilization was destroyed. They never see that the groundwork is laid over many decades and the final stroke is merely a mercy killing ... the real entropic heat death of the United States occurred about twenty years ago. The Roman empire when it was first sacked and burned in 410 A.D. after nearly 800 years was already so decadent and degenerate the inhabitants hardly had time to figure out what was happening before they were beheaded by barbarians entering through gates.

One thing I have gathered from the Roman parallels is that the people who live in a declining society don't just lose the means to solve their problems, rather they lose entirely the ability to even recognize problems exist. Romans didn't think anything of marrying two women to a swan or men to their horses. They had lost the power to discern anything, be it good or evil. They had lost the ability to even discern that they had lost their discernment. They had lost the perspective necessary to even understand why discernment is critical to human survival.

The nuclear war that is approaching is not the cause, it's merely a final infection that will never heal. It is like blaming pneumonia for the deaths of AIDs patients, when in fact it could have easily been something else once the patient's immune system is compromised to that degree.

This parallels the Roman experience, where the loss of control over surrounding territories made them easily accessible to the enemies of Rome for staging areas from which they could attack and finally destroy the empire for good. The Roman "military" had largely ceased to exist and the gathering forces against the Romans were often led by ex-mercenaries who were coming to collect on debts they believed were owed to them.

Thomas Chittum's "Civil War II" was one of the powerful fringe books I read in the late 90's that changed me into the fast-digging paranoid tunnel dweller I am today. It can be downloaded for free from TimeBomb2000 at the moment. This book, in addition to J.R. Nyquist's "Origins of the Fourth World War" and Robert Kaplan's "The Coming Anarchy" was like getting liquid nitrogen fired at my reptilian brain stem in terms of the earth-shaking changes in perception I experienced after reading them. I was never the same.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Whole Mess of Rainbow Stew Cooking Up On The Stove For The Globalist Paradise

Everybody but Amerikwa knows itz coming.

China knows itz coming.

It looks like even Amerikwa is starting to realize itz coming, but the problem is they can't get anything done anymore in the land of dumbth.

Remember when Vault-Co kept telling you the next war would not just be a nuclear war ... it would be a war waged with neutron bombs and cobalt jackets?

If Vault-Co is just a deluded petty ranteur, why in the hell is everybody buying up Cobalt-60, making it one of the hottest resource commodities in the world? It is hardly used in medical science any more.

Two weeks under the stairs and hose down the car? Did you think that story they tell the peasants was ever true? You will need to think a little longer term than that.

Itz coming. Amerikwa will lead the way.

P A C K__Y O U R__R I C E

The Crumbling Ruins of Detroit

Fifty years ago, the most beautiful and prosperous industrial city in the United States. The streets looked like Disneyland and the inhabitants lived in a virtually crime-free utopian paradise of monolithic stone and magnificent architecture. You would think nothing could hurt the city of Detroit, a metropolis built stronger than the pyramids.

The only thing that changed was the demographics. With that, the city of the Jetsons soon gave way to the Flintstones.

Here the diverse leadership tries to mimic the stuff they have seen the previous inhabitants doing. Sitting and discussing. Speaking with a measured voice. Banging a gavel. Shuffling paperwork around. It's not making enough magical mojo to make water flow uphill again.

It's not working. Nothing seems to anymore. The wind howls. Wild dogs growl in the darkness of the decaying wreckage of what was once the crown jewel of Western civilization.

Lothrop Stoddard was right.

Monday, May 12, 2008

M16 Defense Analysts : "China prepping for nuke war"

Do you know what else?
Bears pee in the woods. It's true.

The Waning of the Light

Ten years ago, Vault-Co suggested that soils become depleted near the end of the interglacial cycle again and again, to await their rebirth in the next cycle ... and a new era in which the previous ragnarok is forgotten.

Global slump of 2008 spreads across the financial sector

The dollar is dying and so is the food distribution system

Russia promises boomtimes like never before to it's people

Amerikwa Falling Apart

What nobody owns, nobody takes care of. It's the disaster of the commons. That's the reason that nation-states work and every other attempt at a different arrangement ends in babies, the other white meat.

A garbage heap country run by arbitrary whim at the leisure of tyrants

Ruled by madmen who make up contrary laws on the hour on impulse

It's falling apart for the same reason that the streets of Rome stunk of raw sewage and filth in the last days of the Empire and the Roman citizens lived fearfully shoulder-to-shoulder between vicious gangs of alien invaders. The remaining "citizens" are content to be treated like so much refuse and trash themselves.

It's because nobody cares about it anymore. They're just passing through. It's a colony of the world, a giant circus of shopping malls where everyone is just grabbing what they can on the drive-by. It is forbidden to even feel allegiance in a context anymore.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rev. Manning Lays The Smack Down

I love Reverend Manning. I think he's awesome. That's the bread of life coming from his lips. He always tells the truth about everything, he never pulls his punches, every single word is informed by scripture and the living word of God.

I've known Obama was a man-goo smoothie guzzler for three years, even before Sinclair came out with his story. I've always known. I've always known Oprah was a lesbian, going back probably fifteen years or more. That's why George Soros chose him as the next President of the United States, because he was utterly compromised as a human being.

These people want you to think they represent the norm. They need you to believe that - after all, they have captured the institutions. They need to put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter to have credibilility. In fact, they are radical, slobbering far-left hardcore Marxist homosexuals, each and every one of them. If they are not ashamed of that, why have they spent their entire adult lives hiding it?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Vault OS Update #20 : How To Make Old, Crappy, Junk Hardware Without A Hard Drive Run Off A Compact Flash or USB Device

If you've been paying attention, you will discover we have already shown you how to get a version of Win98SE running on old hardware devices out of less than 32 MB. Now, for the remaining mystery, how to boot a laptop or other vintage PC directly off a Flash memory device, see the link above in the header to actually get the software you will need.

It's common to be able to pick up a laptop or tablet which has had the clock battery die, hard drive pulled out and even the RAM removed for $1.00 or free. With a few tricks like we've steered you to on Vault-Co, you're going to be able to make these machines into way-cool intelligent networked terminals running our awesome Vault-OS this year. If you've gotten lucky like I have and you've scored a few of the high powered SBCs (Single Board Computers) in the Pentium range that are now becoming widely available for about $20.00 USD, you're going to be able to run file servers and dedicated archive points as well, all with the same program. Wait and see, it's going to be terrific.

If it seems like we've gone back to the dark side by including Windows in our OS foundation again, it's only because we got a lot of feedback to that effect recently. Almost everybody shuns the notion of networking under DOS and wants to have the default network capabilities that Windows provides users with, which most people also express a familiarity that gives them the confidence to hook terminals up with Ethernet cables.

The real sticking point was whether we were going to choose the convenience of .NET with all the installation headaches (40 MB run-time) that entails. We decided that a cross-platform native application that will initially run on Windows was a much better idea and our success in getting Compact Flash drives working have clinched it.

After Vault-OS is released with the source code, you are welcome to use Ultimate++ to compile it for whatever OS you want, including Linux, FreeBSD, Debian, WinCE, MacOS or even Solaris.

Friday, May 9, 2008

New Fabric For Vault Suits Blocks Gamma!

Now if they can put a layer under bulletproof armor it will be perfect.

U.S. Army Prepping It's Military Families For Famine?

Yeah, I know, it's whacky week here at Vault-Co. I'm sorry, it's run off the rails. We're starting to sound like Surfing the Crapocalypse or Majestic/Area 51 websites.

This is very interesting if it is true.

Remember, no matter how far out it gets here, we'll never be able to keep up with the mass media. They'll print damn near anything no matter how insane or insulting. Yeah, those amateur beekeepers are troublemakers, alright. Straight in front of the firing squad after we finish off the last organic gardener and those people who make their own yogurt at home. They're ruining this planet for all of us.

Global Plantation Funeral = Conversion Into Slurry

... and a solution to burgeoning grocery prices is found! Two birds with one stone!

Mmmm, alkaline slurry and molasses dough. That's a winning combination.

At least they aren't making them drink it like I did.

Consider this the ultimate degradation and demystification of the sanctity of human life - using a method pioneered on farm animal carcasses to reduce them to a gravy that can be poured down the drain. It's the last step in the "natural progression" of secular culture.

Vault-OS : Update #19

I've been doing quite a bit of tinkering and testing.

I got WIN98SE running from a 32MB Compact Flash Card with DOS 7.1 on both my old laptops and that is in addition to a 2.5 MB executable I have written with this cross platform kit. Since WIN98SE comes up in 12 seconds from power on running off the flash card and appears to be extremely stable, obviously this operating system can be used in very low specification PCs of almost any recent x86 blend. I would not have believed this possible if I had not seen it with my own eyes.

I managed to find enough SD-RAM to put 16 megs on both laptops and the PC-104 compatible SBC boards I got already came with plenty of RAM to run Win98SE. This seems to be sufficient for a 200mhz Pentium to run the scaled-down Win98 version and the application at a pretty good clip.

Once you've got Windows '98, of course you have internet explorer, apps like notepad, system info, all networking supported, TCP-IP sockets and nearly everything you'd expect from the Windows environment. In addition I get the Windows display system to support my customized GUI look'n'feel under Ultimate++. In addition to all this, Ultimate++ has it's own rich text format, help file format, icon files, multithreaded cooporative multitasking environment, PDF generation and viewing, complete SQL generics and full storage of binary data through serialization (XML, etc.) into the database system or resource files and back. It's like .NET except without the extra 40MB run-time overhead. Wait, that's not all. Ultimate++ comes with it's own easily embeddable scripting language called ESC that can be tailored for any app's needs with a single file. Still not impressed? Well, I did a test and my Windows source code compiled perfectly on Linux the first time. They've got ports for almost every operating system including FreeBSD.

So I get all the convenience of developing, testing and deploying in a Win 32 OS without having to run a virtual machine DOS x86 under QNX Neutrino just to see if the app is working, with a RAD tool that expedites layout design and coding all in one integrated IDE.

Most important of all, the resulting application can be run from any Win 32 OS without the .NET runtime, whether it is WinXP, WinNT, WindowsMe, Windows2000,WindowsForWorkgroups. If you want to try what I have done, you can crush your Windows deployment down to a compact flash card ... or you can just run it on the machine you have now.

Like you'd expect under Windows, I get TCP-IP, HTTP server, Email, SMS and all the other networkable frills that are so difficult to come by under DOS these days.

Does this sound like the best of all possible worlds? I think I have reached the end of my architectural investigation. I don't think it can get any better.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Did Vault-Co Precog Myanmar?

There's a reason I posted this on

Anonymous said...
What prompted this post? Have you had some precognition lately?
May 1, 2008 4:50 AM

Texas Arcane said...
I have felt certainty that something big is coming. Not panic or even fear. Just woke up one morning with certainty that something really shocking is going to happen shortly and a lot of people are going to die.Whether or not these feelings (better to call them "conclusions" made while I sleep) are genuine, it's foolish indeed to presuppose that such intuition would be present throughout the animal kingdom, even observed in microbial life ... then somehow absent in man.I think our noise-to-signal ratio is very high, particularly in modern people raised on television, where 99% of their thought processes revolve around germinal notions put in their heads by the box. Television reduces mental efficiency and it impairs deductive reasoning. Of that I'm certain.
May 1, 2008 10:34 AM

The following day, Myanmar may have lost over a half-million people inside a few hours.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Australia : Bangin' Pathetically on the Outer Hatch

Some meteorologists suspect that the (supposed) first world nation called Australia is less prepared than most third world nations for radical weather accompanying climate change. Even as Myanmar contemplates a possible death toll over a 100,000 from the recent cyclone, their neighbors to the south are finally making nervous observations about their own country. Australia and in particular the Gold Coast is a kingdom of styrofoam houses and tackboard construction that is scarcely equipped to stand up in tougher conditions that are to be expected in these regions at regular intervals.

I was speaking to a guy at work about this the other day. I pointed out that even as Australians waved their beercans at the television and feigned pity for the third world savages always building cheap housing at sea level, their own nation was just a gigantic pool of floating corpses waiting to happen. You would be hard pressed to find construction in undeveloped nations as cheap, unsafe and downright hazardous as that you would encounter here in Oz. It is accurate to say 90% of homes here are not much better than a bucket over your head in a cyclone.

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls. The bell tolls for thee.

They'd Rather Lose Than Nominate Ron Paul

I'd be lying if I told you I had any hope left of any kind for this ship of fools. I just wanted to be an I-told-you-so later on by predicting that Ron Paul would never see the inside of the White House no matter how much public support he got. I'm just glad to see that it is likely Ron Paul will escape an attempt on his life.

Why Prison Planet Won't Work

Destroying is easy. Creating is hard.

I'm 45 years old and I've been watching this station wagon roll downhill my entire life. I've never known anything but descent. Inside the wagon, there are people who know how to turn on the radio and find the kind of music they like to hear on it. "We control the wagon," they say, "because we control what people hear and what they have the options to hear." There's another guy inside the station wagon who knows how to operate the windshield wipers. "I control the wagon," he says, "because I control what people can see." Another guy plays with the red hot cigarette lighter. "I control the wagon more than any of you," this guy says, "because I've got the most dangerous weapon in the wagon at the end of my fingertips." Then there is the guy with his foot on the pedal and brake. "I am the one who controls the wagon, because I can slow it down or speed it up. Nobody has more power than I do."

The station wagon keeps rolling downhill no matter what anyone does. When it hits the bottom going a hundred miles an hour, almost everybody on board will die. Some people scream to put on the seat belts, others make fun of the notion - as if admitting we are going to crash at the bottom will somehow be the prime cause of this event by simply thinking about it.

There is nobody on this wagon who can bring it to a stop or even more incredibly, make it go uphill again. We live in a declining society and all the pathetic a**holes in the illuminati who take such pride in how rapidly they have destroyed our culture and ruined our social fabric know somewhere deep inside that they cannot replace any of this stuff with something better.

The plan was, turn Britain first into a madhouse with multiculturalism, then police the lunatics by putting cameras on every corner and create a de facto police state. Turning it into a madhouse was easy. It is obvious now that there will be no substitutions to replace the order and rule of law that was there previously. All the tech gadgets in the world are just so much flotsam and jetsam against the rising tide of anarchy. You'd need to put a camera inside every human heart and then find somebody to watch that camera. That's not going to happen.

Destroying is easy. Anybody can destroy and call it genius. Creating is hard.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hunger Makes Men Go Mad

... but this ain't nothin' yet. If you wonder why this doesn't sound as bad as Vault-Co has been predicting since 1998, it's because it is just getting started.

Watch for a temporary glut later in the year and an announcement that people should stop panicking madly running around screaming. That's the time to buy up a whole mess of food before this hits twice as hard the next harvest season. This planet won't be getting any warmer for at least 11,500 years or so.

"We'll be fighting in the streets over food long before the next Ice Age arrives." - Robert Felix

Monday, May 5, 2008

Second Weirdest Thing We've Ever Posted

I saw something funny last night myself.

I have a better explanation than aliens from another planet.

I think there is a lot of undocumented military traffic in the skies over Australia. In fact, I think Australia is used by the United States as a testing lab for most of their newest equipment.

There's a reason the Stealth Bomber was declassified. It's because America got something much better. I think that is what a lot of these folks are seeing out West.

Free Speech Was Not The Idea of The Children Of The Devil

It makes them break out in hives.

Any talk at all about any of the protected classes by law is inherently illegal in the West today. It's just a matter of prosecuting them all.

Chimps Outperform Amerikwans At Most Basic Tasks

Funny, but also true. You get a lot of that on Vault-Co.

"Useless Eaters" Now To Be Eliminated

This probably includes you and I in there somewhere. Basically, everybody who was not inside the room with Henry Kissinger at the Bilderberger conference at the time probably qualifies as a "useless eater" to Henry. Actually, to be fair, quite a few people in the room also merited inclusion if Henry ever came clean. Okay, anybody who is not named Henry Kissinger or is his limo driver and cook.

The States Kills It's Enemies, Meaning Anybody Who Tells The Truth About Anything

Whores don't hang themselves and pimps don't commit suicide period.

Nowadays, one wrong move in America can be as deadly as a rumor of disloyalty to the Emperor in the days of Imperial Rome. There are so many poisonings, drownings, light plane crashes and explosions and otherwise faked deaths in any given day in the United States you can't even keep track of them all.

Word is, Dick Cheney is a world-class major pervert of historic proportions. If people ever found out how sick this dude is (his mother was mentally ill so it is probably genetic) they could never look at him again without laughing out loud. Palfrey herself predicted she would turn up a suicide soon and she did. Her evidence, alas, vanished altogether.

NASA's Best : Vault-Co Right. We were Wrong.

When do I get that check in the mail? I'm looking in the box everyday but it hasn't arrived yet.

The most important consequence of this that you need to grasp is crop failures.

Right now we've got a small glimpse of what is going to happen shortly to the food supply. It's just a glimpse. The real horror show has not kicked off yet.

All it takes is a half-dozen frosts in any given year, as is perfectly normal during a cooling phase ... and the Earth has about 5 1/2 billion more people than it can actually supply food for.

That means babies, the other white meat. Like Cormac MacCarthy's THE ROAD except without the rose-hued glasses.

Earth's biggest remote island, recently dismantling both agriculture and gun rights, thinks this is about improved ski seasons.

Oh, my. These Aussies can be some very slow lads at times. It's all the fault of "La Nina," you see. That's what it is. The year without a summer in Australia. Aussies think it's cold now. Please don't throw me in the briar patch, Brer Fox.

Thirty million people to feed and most of our food supply now comes from overseas. Not smart.

Wikipedia : The Ultimate Revisionism of Everything

If you read the sky is blue on Wikipedia, you need to go outside and doublecheck that for yourself.

Globalism Means Eating Feces-Fed Fish

So infinitely better than eating fish from what were once the cleanest streams, rivers, creeks and lakes in the world. Even then, nobody in America ever raised fish for human consumption by mounting an outhouse on a pier that empties into a pond. Ever. In the history of America, nobody is stupid enough to cut those kinds of corners. Unless maybe we were shipping the fish to third world people too stupid to know any better. Even then, I just don't think it is in our nature.

China Getting Ready To Win WW3 : Part Two

Sino-Soviet cooporation reaching an all-time high. Formerly afraid to arm it's nearest neighbor, it looks more and more like Russia is planning to pull a tag-team on the United States in WW3.

The Cold War Only Ended On The Televitz Device

China has covered the distance it took America fifty years to traverse in just five. It's military is looking more and more like a cutting edge rapid deployment force to explore the ruins it will first create with a flaming wall of nuclear tipped cruise missiles that will plow through any "missile defense shield" like it wasn't even there.

All the good tech was lost from America through internal treason

Iran talking to Russia to acquire assurances of protection

Meanwhile, the British were primarily concerned with a possible tea shortage

Sunday, May 4, 2008

China Getting Ready To Win WW3

The paradigm of the next war will circulate around nuclear cruise missiles and mobile platforms to launch them from. Obviously, the Chinese are preparing for that war, unlike the Americans who continue to get ready to win World War 2.

So obvious even the Pentagon figured it out

They ain't getting ready to march in parades

Their best technology came from the treason of the Clintons when in office

Spinning the Death Of The United States

It's like a soft pillow being pressed on their faces with the press whispering quietly to them to assuage them. That's what the press does nowadays, is to shush the struggles of the sleeper for air and hold their arms while they press the pillow down.

If America has failed as a world power, then does that mean we can hold those who have captured the institutions responsible? Was it "inevitable" or a direct result of their bizarre Bolshevist policies concerning the United States, forced on a public who technically always outnumbered and opposed them every step of the way? I thought post modernist ideas like "diversity" and "globalism" and "multiculturalism" were supposed to keep us competitive? They were in fact, a direct injection of arsenic into the American blood stream.

(YouTube Link) This is the reason they put street lamp posts on every corner in America

When a people lose their faith in their Gods, their nation withers away and dies

This business of "Christianity withering away" sounds remarkably similar to Karl's Marx's "The State Withering Away."

In reality, the only thing withering away is the United States. Killed by a massive infestation of internal parasites, in fact. Nothing "inevitable" about it.

The Sting of the Scorpions

And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads. 5 And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man. 6 And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

- KJV Revelation 9:4-6