Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Zero Hour : Pack Your Rice

For ten years we have said it. In the beginning, few understood why.

Now, lots of people are starting to figure out what we were talking about.


Worldwide rice shortage, the dietary staple of three billion human beings

World Bank declares international emergency over food supply

UN Chief : Babies, the other white meat

Rice harvest fails catastrophically in Sri Lanka

The world's poor are tackling the barricades for food

Political instability is yoked historically with food shortages

South Asia is running out of fish to eat

The monster of looming famine takes center stage

Price inflation may trigger mass starvation in developing countries

Egyptian government has no bread and circuses left to placate the masses

The coming food riots in America

The revenge of Thomas Malthus - booms in good times, massive culls follow

Hunger, strikes and riots worldwide

Francis Fukuyama was full of crap - hunger topples any regime including "democracy"

Corn becoming the new gold in agriculture

Philipines caught in rice squeeze

The silent famine is sweeping the globe

New York Times - The Worldwide Food Crisis

India struggling to feed one billion people who can't afford food

Hunger talks and everything else walks. People who have never known hunger do not know what people will do when they get hungry. People who would laugh at the notion in normal times will be the first ones to eat their dead when hunger grips them. Hunger releases the beast and it overturns governments and nations in the time it takes for human beings to begin metabolizing their own body fat. Anybody anywhere who thinks they can control the demon genie called hunger usually turns out to have been wrong. There is no reasoning with a hungry man, he will get down on his fours and howl like a rabid dog when he is hungry enough.

I have always believed that zombie movies are a sublime way of expressing our ancient ancestral and subconscious understanding of famine. I wrote a detailed article about this idea back in 1998 and posted it on the old Vault-Co site. Any human being hungry enough is indistinguishable from the walking dead. Part of our legacy understands this and this is why zombie films are so disturbing, they activate feelings and memories in the premammalian cortex. In every zombie film, there is a feeling like a song you can hum a few bars of but can't remember the name of. We know what happens in famines, even if our conscious minds pretend they have forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Check youtube for vids about the coming depression, oild crisis and the coming famine. There's been a surge in vids about these topics lately. Looks like its becoming clear to everyone:


*Runs off to the store to buy more bags of rice*


Anonymous said...

The seeds the World Bank will buy for struggling countries are almost certainly going to be Monsanto product.

Alex Supertramp said...

Don't think that growing your own veges and having a few chickens get you anywhere. Processed food can be hidden and cached. When you need fresh food, barter for it with the much more calorie intensive rice and wheat that you have cached. I also recommend storing as much fuel as you can safely manage right now and start rotating it. More posts and links about methods of long term food storage will be avidly read Vault.