Thursday, April 17, 2008

World On The Brink Of Total Anarchy

Grain exports halted by nations to meet internal needs

What happened to the global supply chain utopian kingdom where everybody would supply everybody else's needs? One week and it's back to babies, the other white meat.

Australia's rice industry has ceased to exist

Food riots coming in Manila?

Food crisis will engulf all nations, not just the third world

Energy equals food and resource conflicts equals WAR

Watch the dumb-a** environmentalists continue to try to cut the ankle tendons of their own nations from the inside before other countries can even get to them. Green on the outside, red on the inside. Environmentalist are human flash-bang grenades that go off at the right moment to cripple their own nations and leave them at the mercy of strong external threats.

Inflation gripping the world as the commie globalist economic system unravels

... just like in every nation it has ever been tried.

America's internal chaos will tear it apart amidst a thousand competing ethnic groups

... ever notice in history when a big nation is destroyed, how it's almost like a mercy killing at that point? By the time their evident wretchedness is encouraging outgroups to attack them it is because they have been so weakened as an ingroup they are ripe for plucking. Vault-Co has been talking about this for ten years. We were right, almost everybody else was dead wrong.

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trueaim said...

out of all the demonic ideas that have seeped up out through the grates of the pit of hell, environmentalism would have to be one of the worst, it's a insidious creeping enslaving doctrine, its just old pagan nature fertility worship from the groves of Babylon, but with a spin of and this is the evil genius of it, somehow humans are obstructing this natural fertile holy pristine worldliness, we are guilty of being born and obstructing this natural fertile holy balanced worldliness! This is IDOLTARY! The Lord of Hosts, the One most high will be extremely vexed over this environmentalism.

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