Sunday, April 20, 2008

What's the charge, Officer?

Reproducing-while-melanin-challenged. Similar to moving-while-Muslim except with less carpet bombing.

I've heard the same round of endless innuendo, wild accusations without a face to put to them and a series of mumblings involving some kind of "child abuse" that we heard after Waco. It was four years before it was revealed that the notoriously law abiding David Koresh was up on a $50 firearms charge of the variety that could be brought against half the gun owners in America. They could have sent that via the mail.

What is the charge? Taking 400+ children and their mothers captive and separating them into camps?

What is the charge? If the original warrant (incredibly, based on an anonymous call!!!!!!!!!) proved to be false, by law isn't it required that everybody involved be released immediately?

Nowadays, Amerikwans are so stupid it no longer matters. They can't even spell "Constitution." So what if there are no actual charges? Does it really make a difference? The dominant primates decided to do something. The lower ranking primates must submit to their will or else start a fruit fight. It's that simple. That is all that remains of what was once the greatest nation on Earth.

Today, they send up a balloon against some "weirdos." (They dress and talk funny, like people used to do in the United States.) Tomorrow, the ninjas will come through your skylight, probably for tracing your browser records to an occasional look at Vault-Co. Tell me when you're inside the tent camp behind barbed wire with the other detainees, about how it's all part of an edjumificated process.

Now, was that Harry Tuttle ... or Buttle? We have a compensation check here for your surviving relatives.


Anonymous said...

On this one aspect I can agree, if the warrant was issued on false pretenses, any evidence they gather in the mean-time must be discounted, and these people need to be let go.

On the other hand, I'm keeping my foot down on the belief that these cultists need to be stopped, by legal and lawful means. I understand the texas lawman's frustration, as these pedophiles make it their live business of how to evade the law. Hiding their child rapes behind a veneer of 'religious freedom' and living within miles of state lines just in case the cops come with a warrant, they can skip jurisdiction...and they have done so many, many times in the past, and avoided several LAWFUL, truthfully backed up arrest warrants.

This cult has mastered the art of living in the grey, artists of exploiting that thin little gap where the law restricts itself to make allowance for an innocent man to not be persecuted, working that into the very fundamentals of their culture.

Not a single one of them lives in a finished home. Every single home has an extra 'add on' room which will be 'under construction' indefinitely, to evade property taxes. The 'spiritual wives' are all collecting government subsidized child support (i.e. MY tax dollars) on an 'absent father' who is in fact their husband, who also benefits from the state income with no intentions of repaying any debt. Their exlusive, secretive lifestyle lends itself naturally to illicit activities. They are known for being drug trafficking points in the west, coordinating expedient landing strips at night, with multiple car headlights, in the desert outskirts of their towns, I've seen them do it, Tex. I've seen the pregnant little girls, young teens, walking into wal-mart with their sister-wives and their old husband.

These cultists are bad news. I would ask why in the hell you would defend these horrible child raping, expressly outlaw men, but it's also very apparent that you only know what the media chooses to highlight on your side of the pond.

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

trueaim said...

Rozita Swinton was arrested in Colorado Springs and charged with false reporting to aurthorities in connection with the fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...


Let's make sure and put a capitol on Fundamentalist.... this is not a 'fundamentalist' version of the LDS church, not in the sense of 'orthodox jews' or 'fundamentalist catholic'. This little cult is not a church, neither does it have any real affiliations with the Church of Jesus Christ [of Latter-day Saints] (a.k.a. LDS church, or 'mormons'). The gap is so wide between them, and their doctrine so in opposition, that any member of one, who adheres or associates with the other, can be excommunicated from whichever they belong to.

the church of jesus christ, as you call it, (LDS) is a 14 million member worldwide christian organization. The 'fundamentalists' are a little desert cult of about a thousand people, who live outside the law as a way of life, rape children, produce and traffic drugs, have police officers on their payroll, evade taxes among many other methods of federal and state fraud, and live on state lines to evade capture... All the while, teaching that their leader the formerly America's most wanted Warren Jeffs, is God incarnate.

There's nothing 'fundamentalist' about them in relation to the religious name they choose to hide behind.

(A Thousand Good Intentions)