Friday, April 11, 2008

What we did before World War III began

We destroyed our own nations, prompted on by internal subversives, until our entire culture became an open grave in which the highest form of good became self-immolation.

These are not the times that segue into bucolic returns to nature amidst arboreal splendor.

These are the times before the coming of the long night that never ends, the residue of cobalt poisoning the soil, the water and the air. These are the terrible times, which if not shortened, would snuff mankind altogether.

Globalism was a name given to the noose we knotted for ourselves, promised paradise when we slipped it around our throats and stepped off the chair. It's not paradise that we will be getting.

The 21st century will see apocalyptic wars of such magnitude they will make WW1 and WW2 look like mere preludes.


Anonymous said...

Surprisingly apt conclusions about Hegemon change from Mr. Browne. And in a mainstream source, too.
During the last Olympic cycle I took pleasure in pointing out to my children that in the original spirit of the Games all Hellenic wars would cease. Now it is my sad duty to inform them that the current cycle could well be the harbinger of an all-encompassing Global conflict.
I can only hope that they heed my advice on self-control, politics, gardening, and gun control, so that they may live through to be in the fourth or fifth billion to uncerimoniously leave the face of this planet.

{sigh}, Oh well, back to digging, cutting rebar, and mixing concrete.

Bad Dad

CadorBolin said...

I've hedged my investments in commodities for about 8 years--right about a time when they were at their historical lows, and it's paying off huge dividends right now. The higher the price of oil, gold and minerals go up, the better it is for me.

I have not felt the economic SHTF that is going on in the rest of the 'kwa. But I shouldn't get too cocky, the rabble will eventually vote for an extreme socialist that will have me jailed and burned as a witch. I need to invest even more in my preps, which are very modest compared to Vault-Co's.

But yeah--the gas that is $4.50 a gallon? Well, that is because of bad monetary policy and the Chinaman competing with you for those natural resources.

If they're already in Africa now, I can safely predict that in about 60-100 years that the Chinese will become soft, decadent and weak and you will see the middle country inundated with blacks.