Monday, April 7, 2008

Vault-Co Powerdown

I've been so busy lately I am going to have to power down Vault-Co for a while. I just cannot spare the time for updates and blogs lately.

With any luck we will be back in a couple months but I can't guarantee it. There's just too much to do recently. See our links for information about all the usual garbage going on in the world if you need to keep informed.


Anonymous said...

Tex you gotta be there something big in the offing that you're not letting on??

CadorBolin said...

They say that major events occur when certain members of the media temporarily go on hiatus.

Looking forward to when you come back. This site is my #1 source of news.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the construction of your Vault.


andyboots37 said...

Just wanted to say thank you.

I always look forward to reading your editorials and checking out your links. I haven't always agreed with what you say but I always admire and appreciate your hard-hitting honesty.

Kudoz my friend!

Anonymous said...

The saying - 'all good men are tending there own gardens' comes to mind.

The Watchmen are slowly retreating and I wonder if this is a message to do the same at this time.

Good luck with the work. It would be nice to see Firehold Bravo complete in a couple of months. Thanks for your efforts.

Anonymous said...


Funny - I just quit the internet for a week for the first time in years I am thinking of mostly giving it up for good.

If you asked me 6 months ago if I would ever do that - I'd say your were nuts.

Synchronicity baby.

I just keep getting the feeling that what is going to be, will be, and there isn't so much point in keeping track any more.

Best of luck Tex. Keep your head down.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for some of the best commentary on the net.
You're the first thing I read each day.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you are going to DEFCON1.

If you are, can´t blame you. I've been pestering my older friends "to stop sowing; the time to sow is long past, this is a time to save seeds, so go and gather them"; to look inwards and close, "12 people make a family, 12 families make a tribe", and small, to do those little things that can be protected and carried along to fructify some coming day; and most importantly, to shelter all those good things we take for granted but can be lost. I cannot forget the protagonist of "Earth abides" with his effor to preserve just bow and arrow tech.

Hideous times, indeed, but more and more I think that our species needs them, like a spring cleaning, like storms in forests and coral reefs. So we must stand like men to live on and hide like mice to survive (again, I can't avoid being remembered of Muad´Dib).

Thanks for all you posted. Even those ugly parts in which I still hope you are wrong. It might help you justify your investment in time and effort in such trying times, to know that you helped me to hold to sanity just a tad longer when all around's gone insane :-/

Well, best of luck, hope you come back online, and soon, and even more, that we can all laugh at our fears someday.

And if SHTF, well... The road to Peace passes through Victory, and the road to Victory passes through Survival.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the work u put in to keeping the rest of us informed of things that may have gone unnoticed. The web will not be the same with out Vault-Co. Good luck looking forward to your return.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tex for the work you have put in in the past. I really appreciated it. Hope your hiatus is brief

trueaim said...

The time has come for God's will to be done. The vast majority of souls have had their fate sealed, and a few here and there, wandering lost in Satan's dark kingdom are recieving the truth of the Lord and His Christ, and through His mercy we gain the Armour of God so we may be delivered from the temples of Lies.
Now is time to call on Him. Now is time to destroy the destroyers through the power of our God and the authority He has delegated to His Christ Jesus.

"Awake, Awake! Put on strength!"

God Bless you Tex!

Anonymous said...

The first time I visited the site I didnt know what to think. After a couple more visits I started coming here every day. Many things otherwise you would never hear about you hear on vc and only then later you hear about it on tv but only mild news. Good luck and hope this is not permanent.

andyboots37 said...

Well put trueaim!!!

The other shoe is dangling on the very edge of the baby toe-nail. It's just about time for the wheat to part company with the tare once and for all. The age of Grace is drawing to a rapid close. What an unspeakable gift to be counted among the eternal children of God by receiving His free gift of Life in Christ Jesus!!! What an unfathomable horror to know that it was just a decision away for those who rejected the Truth for a lie.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!!!

Anonymous said...

Fleeing the net due to your constant failures to predict the future?

Anonymous said...

It wont be permanent unless WW3 breaks out. I think Tex enjoys making this blog as much as we do reading it.

It's his way to vent his (justified) frustration :)

But the Vault is his #1 priority, as it should be.


Anonymous said...

I would be so sad to not come here for nuggets of great information. Don't disappear completely, just cut back.
Thanks for the great reading.

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