Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Stampede Is Beginning

Sheeple look up from their cud. They're still chewing but there is a puzzled look in their eyes as they roll that grass around in their mouth. They begin to realize they have just taken their last cheap bite of food. Bovine consternation. Their lips and gums tackle each other like professional wrestlers, trying to draw a conclusion. Oh right. Food gone. No more grass.

The other members of the herd shuffle around, snort and paw the ground nervously. Luckily for them, they have edjumifications. Everybody knows we have divine guarantees to a serene life of bliss wandering the aisles to graze. It's in the Bible nobody reads somewhere. Bad things cannot happen. It's Fukuyama televitz reality where every show has a happy ending. Eleventh hour cavalry will arrive soon and drive away the doubleplus wrongthink. Listen to the televitz, learn something about the world. Cannibal megafamines don't just happen. In fact, they can only happen in twelve part miniseries on the televitzery device. It will all take place perhaps long after we are gone. Our children might experience something like that. The cud springs eternal for us. Edjumificated types know itz a scienmajific fact.

Wow, this is like serious. If it goes on much longer it may even be reported in the mainstream media. Here we have edjumificated types warning about the possible dangers of a warming world. No wonder they always get it wrong. It's global cooling they need to worry about.

What is the evolutionary penalty for incorrectly identifying a coming Ice Age as a global temperature increase instead? It's death without benefit of appeal. It doesn't matter how many people vote otherwise. Every single one of them got it absolutely wrong. Even on those rare occasions where the majority gets it right, they only get it right for the wrong reasons. The majority is always wrong.

The mark of a declining civilization is not just the loss of answers to problems. It is also the loss of the ability to even correctly identify what the problem is. Shrieking maenads have been promising us the decomposing baby nappy armageddon for ten years, but Vault-Co figured out the real story back in 2002. The facts pointed to a new Ice Age. Everybody else got it bass-ackwards in every regard.

I have written about Roman temple fires many times on this blog. The late Romans believed soot from temple fires kept burning at night were causing crop failures in the surrounding fields of Rome and they engaged in violent struggles to regulate temple fires. Lucretius repeats this urban myth in THE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE. They ended up ordering them doused at night. This gave free reign to the criminal element to run wild within the city at night without the restraint of illumination to expose them. Rome went from bad to beyond worse. Arguments over whose temple fires were doing the most damage resulted in stabbings on the Senate floor itself.

The truth is, the Romans weren't even close. They were so far off on a tangent they were not really relevant anymore as human beings. Their crop failures were caused by their overcultivation and refusal to allow fields to recuperate or lie fallow as their ancestors had done for centuries. Romans thought, we moderns are edjumificated and stuff. We've outgrown all that fuddy-duddy crop rotation stuff those old squares always recommended. We'll just run all fields, every year, until they suddenly stop producing anything at all and we all starve to death. Besides, everybody knows there is a consensus that it is the temple fires causing these crop failures.

The difference between the Romans and modern people is that even the late Romans were brighter, better looking and more advanced. Soon afterwards, they all died screaming when the Visigoths came to collect their mercenary money. If even the canny Romans died, what hope modern individjools? None at all. Brawndo, it's got what plants crave. It's got electrolytes.

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