Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Rest of the World Starts To Come Around

... on China. They start to see the implications of it all.

It's like watching molasses run down the side of a tree in winter.

Given enough time, people can arrive at conclusions. Sometimes it takes a century or more. That's why it is so important to learn from the past and always shun people who tell you there are no such things as parallels. Such people are always motivated by the desire to keep the rubes fresh and gullible for the same old game with a different name.

All utopian schemes end in rivers of blood. Globalism is just a new term for the oldest utopian scheme in mankind's history. They build the Tower of Babel like clockwork every couple of centuries and then God comes in and knocks it down and scatters the fools to the four winds with only the shirts on their back. People never learn and by the time the next "empire" rolls around they usually only remember the previous one in myths.

To last long and prosper on the Earth, you only have to remember a handful of moral principles and stick to that straight road, without looking to the left or right. Just ten, in fact. All the other ambitions of the wicked and the grand schemes and the desire to rule over all with an iron rod under one yoke are basically a kind of neurosis that plagues the sociopath and psychopaths who have written the better part of that tragic play we call the human story. There can be no universal altruism to replace Christian faith and those who claim otherwise and appeal to man's better nature are simply not wise enough to know that man has no better nature. This is why all grand schemes of madmen end in rivers of blood and the wailing of mothers.

The sick, twisted and strange feverish dream of the Fukuyamas of the world that the prosperity of markets would end in a planet of happy consumer units who would beat their swords into plowshares is the weirdest and most bizarre anti-rational notion that has gripped a pack of fools since the early 1700's. War. War never ends. Attempting to engineer a world where war is an impossibility leads to bigger and more horrible wars than would ever result from simply leaving men in nation-states aligned happily in homogeneous societies using real metal as currency. All globalism did was turn the factories, profits, jobs and manufacturing capacity of the West over to Red China so it could prepare a Third World War of apocryphal dimensions with which to annihilate their enemies. That is all it did.

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Anonymous said...

And when everybody thats still alive converts to your one true christian faith there will be more wars as that one true faith inevitably splits up into various sects.

Not even christianity can contain human nature forever.