Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Resource Conflicts & Famine Wars

Remember those phrases we started to use on Vault-Co over ten years ago?

You can't have hunger and peace.

Hunger and the rule of law are not compatible.

Hunger and consumerism don't go together.

Hunger and market systems are opposites.

Hunger makes people do stuff that is not civilized and they stop caring about the consequences.

Hunger and stable infrastructure cannot co-exist.

Hunger and reason are a dichotomy. Hunger drives reason out in favor of necessities.

All radical political shifts and bloody revolutions find their origins during periods of famine.

Hunger is the enemy of sanity. Sanity stops meaning anything when people get hungry enough.

The whole basis of modern mythologies like globalism, multiculturalism and surrender of national sovereignty only make sense when you've got a full belly of hamburgers and are pleasantly numb from sugar and fat in your bloodstream. Once that glucose level bottoms out, it's like awakening from a dream and all of a sudden ideas like these sound like an attempt by strangers to murder you in your sleep. Wait until you see that backlash. Weimar Germany in 1929 was a well fed nation where the whacky notions of Weimar seemed to be have some self-referential validity. Look at what happened in that nation when they started to go hungry.

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Justin Patrick said...

Excellent post, and that gets me to consider fasting. No wonder so many old, lasting religions (not the New Age kind that collapses with a civilization) have fasting as a practice, including Christianity. It's not just about the discipline of self-denial, but about getting yourself back to the survival state where you can see your true reactions and learn to discipline them.

Excellent post, and it made me connect something I hadn't previously. Thank you for that post!