Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Perfect Storm For Famine

Like Vault-Co said ten years ago. It isn't this or that. It isn't any one particular thing in all it's televitzed atomic isolation.

It's all these things together, at the same time, that makes it the Apocalypse Trifecta.

By the way, although more and more journalists are putting up articles almost identical to the ones we posted in 1998, they are still about ten years (or more) behind us in understanding the consequences of all these things happening in the same era.

They left out the bee die-off. Which might just be related to the butterfly die-off. Who knows, that could be related to the bat die-off. These might be related to Monsanto Star Corn, which only revealed itself to be toxic in the gut ten years after it escaped (with it's vigorously migrating pollen) from the research settings it was supposed to be quarantined inside of. Of course, demand by China and India as they move to Western lifestyles increases the total required quantity to keep mankind from eating babies to about a hundred times what it was thirty years ago. Which is largely related to the collapse of the manufacturing industry in the West which was farmed off to the third world, thus increasing the spending capital of all it's citizens, which as it turns out due to their colossal populations measured in the billions completely swamps the productive capacity of the agricultural system that remains behind. Then you add a brilliant piece of government intervention at just the right juncture to mandate crops destined for bioethanol based on bad science, which sounds like a 30% reduction but because of the way the distribution network functions is more like an 80% reduction in the crops left to direct to the food supply. Then the lax practices for backlogging grain supplies, slipping since the 1970's because of the ideological turn away from civil defense policies, leaves the Western world with almost no inventory of surplus to fall back on, precisely at the worst time for their larders to empty out. Now imagine at the same time, the currency used by the Western nations is plunging in value along with their economy so not only is food more expensive but they are increasingly too poor to afford it, particularly to compete for supplies with the cashed-up inhabitants of the rest of the world. Then you've got the irony of the fact that even if they had the money, U.S. geopolitical policies and military invasions have made the remainder of the planet reluctant to sell them any food even if they did have the money to pay for it. See how that works?

Now mind you, this is just a topical consideration of some of the minor forces working on creating the worst famine the world has ever known. I don't want to tell you about the other stuff because it's too scary.

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