Tuesday, April 1, 2008

PCM 5892/5894 Manuals & Drivers

Should you decide to acquire one of these excellent x86 SBCs flooding the market in Australia at around $10.00 a board, you can get the manual and drivers at the link above. I've already installed these drivers and gotten the machines running - too fine for words, needless to say. Everything you could possibly desire in a Vault-OS terminal. All you will need is a display, keyboard and mouse and some kind of housing, in addition to a 12 volt power supply. I've already successfully installed 256 MB of RAM on these boards instead of the 32 MB they come with.

The boards generate very little heat and if they do, they have a cooling fan on top. You may need to have provision for some airflow for this reason. Lately I use a muslin screen over intakes to keep dust out of the casing. I have successfully installed Ethernet on two of them and had them talking to each other in ten minutes with file share in DOS.

From the manual ...

The PCM-5894/5892 is a highly integrated, all-in-one single board
computer. All onboard peripherals (including PCI flat panel/VGA
interface, PCI Ethernet, and PCI IDE) adopt PCI technology and
operate through an internal PCI bus. Integrating a Pentium board
with a PCI architecture has unleashed a revolutionary level of
performance. The PCM-5894/5892 is one of the smallest and
most powerful all-in-one Pentium boards available. (1998)

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