Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Man Stands Up In Britain

When the law was thrown out by the present government, they have made all subjects of the Queen into legal freeman whom they have no legal claim upon except the threat of force by the traitors to the crown who hold the Queen unlawfully.

There is no provision under the law to turn the people of Britain over to the EU, a supranational organization never elected and staffed by people nobody ever voted into office. All Europeans have been sold out by traitors within their own nations. The European "Union" is an unlawful occupational government introduced in a coup that never had the support of any of the people over whom it seeks to rule.

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Anonymous said...

I believe any moves towards the EU in the UK is very unpopular. Whenever a pro EU politician is ousted they shoot over to the Continent straight into a cushy tax free EU position.

Traitors every last one of them