Friday, April 25, 2008

Nancy Pelosi : Banking On Ubiquitous Feeblemindedness

I just had to post this because it is kind of the essence of what it means to be an 'kwan.

Subconsciously, the assumption is there in the back of the minds of all the 'kwans that everybody else out there is also a moron. A 'Kwan cannot imagine their own stupidity nor do they have any sense of the vast spectrum of human intelligence from top to bottom.

They think to themselves, I've never actually read the Bible but I have nothing to fear by inventing scripture on the fly because everybody else does it. Hell, they think, I don't really even believe in God or fear him and everybody else is faking it completely as well. We are all stupid bastards little more than animals who can walk on their hind legs and we have nothing to lose by making up all kinds of crazy quotes from stuff. We all know at a subliminal level that there is nobody left who can even read books, so what risk is it to me if I pretend to have done so? Who will correct me otherwise? Everyone else is faking it just like I am.

Fifty years ago, the general population was so familiar with scripture that she would have been exposed as a person with no credibility as a human being by the time she finished her speech. She could forget about getting re-elected after word got out she was so dumb she fabricated scripture.

It's the same situation with global warming or the big bang. It's true because it's on television. Once it is on the box it is self-validating by virtue of having been announced on the box. It doesn't matter what the facts are because nobody is left who is bright enough to tell the difference between reality and what they have heard on the televitz device.

The entire civilization is self-referential, just like somebody drove a polyvinyl tube up their ass and fed the other end back around into their mouth. All their inputs are connected to their own outputs. The real world stands no chance of gaining admission to this closed-loop cycle.

Nevertheless, Pelosi got caught.

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