Sunday, April 6, 2008

Metrosexuals : They never know what the value of a thing is

(Link to Video Page)

Two way-cool hepcat oxygen stealers conduct a tour of their mother's survival stores, which any worthy son would be grateful for beyond measure. The food is not stored properly but it is likely a great deal of it will still be good for many more years. I'm sure they'll auction it off on Ebay shortly for a song.

These two guys, both the tour guide and the guy with the video-cam, both seem like ample alibis for the invention of the neutron bomb.

Notice their dead mother is simply an easy target for ridicule and mockery. There's no trace of love in their voices or respect for her earnest effort to provide for them all her life. Nothing but the perpetual static of the eternal sneer.

Metrosexual Gen Xers = Monstrosities.


Anonymous said...

Amazing link.

Makes my own supplies look tiny in comparison. Btw. disrespectful attitude of the morons in the film is nothing unusual. I live in Serbia, and after the past two decades with many apocaliptic years, today I don't know of anyone but me even thinking of preparation of any kind. People learn nothing.

After watching this I will have to plan how to grow my own supplies. Unfortunate thing is I have only basement for storage, and it's not suitable for unsealed foods because of moisture.


Anonymous said...

I was heartbroken when I saw that clip. Those guys have no idea what is coming and to be so horrid about their own mother trying to save their useless lives...

I hope you hurry back soon. I will miss your posts!