Thursday, April 3, 2008

Krisschans At Work

(Link to YouTube Video)

Man, this is tempting God. In this segment, they've mixed up vile pagan spiritualism with some of the ideas of Gnostics. Scripture says there are no such things as ghosts, nor any traffic between our world and heaven. It also says that demons are not allowed to interfere in this way with the devout, only through the minds of the unrepentant.

I dare you not to laugh when they cut to the reaction shot by the Chihuahua. I dare you. You can't do it.


Anonymous said...

As a Christian, I've been struggling with something...

I was wondering if you've ever read the works of Ahmed Osman and what you thought of it?

Anonymous said...

Vault-Co vaunted: "Scripture says there are no such things as ghosts..."

Not at all -- other than the EIGHTY-NINE TIMES or so times a "holy ghost" is mentioned. LOL

One thing about krisschans -- they *love to hate* each other. And when they complain about the stupidity of *them other krisschans*....well, they appear more doltish than the Rev. Robertson himself.

Thanks for the laughs. The video was truly entertaining. Plus, you're a natural yourself.

"One man's religion is another man's belly laugh." - Robert A. Heinlein

Texas Arcane said...

Wow, you scored a point off me with a bit of sophistry. It's a shame there were no girls watching, maybe you could have impressed one.

Is it really about the truth or is it more about trying to distinguish yourself in some way as better than others by attacking safe targets like Christianity? Because you know juvenile monkeys launch attacks on weakly defined territory to try to establish their breeding fitness, right?

Is what you do really any different from what chimpanzees do?

Texas Arcane said...

Ahmed Osman is one of several hundred people who have been promoted and featured on television recently, largely by the jihadists at PBS/SBS in the name of public service. It's like Dawkins has an entourage who come in and kick Jesus some more after Rich has finished bashing him in his latest "documentary," all in the public interest of course.

At any given time of day, somebody on public television/cable (run by same group of people) will be telling you that Christianity is based on astrology, Christianity is based on Egyptian cults, Christianity is based on the Hercules myth, Christ's mother was a harlot, Christ was a sorcerer, Christ was a devil/witch in human form.

It is identical to what you hear in the first year of Jewish education behind closed doors, except now it has become a huge multimillion dollar industry with practically it's own cable channel. You can flip with your remote control any hour of the day and see programs showing Christ's coffin, a fossilized condom he used to impregnate Mary Magdalene, extensive "proof" that he never existed or if he did, he was a Jewish revolutionary who merely got his comeuppance.

It's simply all the things that Jews have been saying in private for thousands of years, only now they are bold enough to fund it openly and push it into the home.

Richard Dawkins went from obscure academic nerd to supermodel babes and caviar. Ahmed Osman is doing his best to get on that gravy train himself. They've got beautiful girls on tap for sex and money out the gazoo - all you have to do is pitch in and throw a swift kick at the carpenter's boy when he is down. Everybody is doing it, it's fun.

I can't wait to see Dawkins dedicate a couple hours to debunking Judaism, the "Israeli" claim to Abrahamic inheritance and the Talmud. Yeah, I'm gonna get out the TV guide and see when that show will be scheduled to be on.

I hope Osman can get himself a sweet book deal in there somewhere and a lecture tour. They've always got money if you're a minstrel who knows how to sing the right songs.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the next Jewish Conspiracy you'll concoct will "explain" how those crafty Jews manipulated the dewpoint in your spider hole and transformed you into a Fungus Farmer.

lloyd ziegler said...

Whoever stated that the Holy Ghost is mentioned 89 RIGHT.
It truth, Christianity is a spirit religion, based upon the "indwelling of the Holy Spirit". Which, since it happens to be verifiably true to each individual who experiences it, is a wonderful thing indeed.

Texas Arcane said...

Notice the attempt to drag out an association with some other viewpoint to discredit an argument.

"You probably think we never landed on the Moon, either!"

That has nothing to do with the topic. Nothing. It's just sophistry, histrionics and doubletalking gibberish.

thomas said...

I'm pretty sure this is the first time you've heard of Ahmed don't even know what the hell he has written. He believes Christ was real, dipshit...

Texas Arcane said...

There you go trying to think again, Thomas. You're really proud of the fact you can read ... like ... books and things ... n'stuff.

I can't believe you think that because Ahmed Osman believes Christ was "real" ... as in a "real" extension of an Egyptian Sun Cult ... he's about as Christian as the author of "The Last Temptation of Christ."

Your feet are still voting differently from your lips, Thomas. Try moving to an Islamic country and spout your tender little blasphemies, see if that religion is as tolerant as Christian ones.

Everybody is a intamallecktual critiquer when the risk is zero.

Ahmed Osman talks some of the worst blasphemy imaginable about the New Testament and Christ. The check is in the mail, Ahmed.