Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How Was Globawarmthenkery Created?

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It took a long time. Many years of preparation. In grade school, then high school, finally finishing the work on the mind in college and university. The human mind had first to be completely emptied out of anything resembling sanity before the new creeds could be inserted.

It started with Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" and over the years became a ceaseless barrage around the clock on all media formats, over and over again chanted like a mantra. It became a sea of schizophrenia in which all young intellects were drowned. No reading, no writing, no arithmetic. Just that sibilant hiss in your ear all hours, 7 days a week, morning and night.

All memory of the past was gradually eradicated and people became the perfect receptacle for a new future that would be written on the blank slate that was their brain.

Can an Amerikwan even achieve salvation? Do they have souls to save? Are they predestined for hell when they are born? Is the capacity for repentance even existant in them any more? In order to be saved, it is necessary first for one to be human. Can you have two masters, television and God? What if when in doubt, you always refer to television first? Is it possible for such a person to receive eternal life? Think about it seriously.

Maybe the growth of casual atheism is really related to the growth of a new race of men who are the enemies of God by their very nature. How can God grant them salvation through Christ when they have no souls remaining to transmit beyond the wall of death? How can they persist after the end of their lives without it?

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