Saturday, April 19, 2008


Read some of these stories.

This planet and all of it's inhabitants (I do mean all, including the elites) are only recently down out of the trees. The whole globe is a gigantic madhouse for monkeys in manpants. The average human being is only differentiated from Koko the sign language gorilla by 9 IQ points. The people on this planet who think they are the natural aristocrats are a fancy ape with a top hat and suspenders, but still mere apes.

I have something incredible to tell you.

Man has been looking for the missing link for so long.

Man himself is the missing link. Someday, with some more refinement, there may be actual human beings on this planet in great numbers. Today, the whole lot of them are without exception, by and large merely an intermediary stage to something better. As Nietzsche said, how could they be an end in themselves, when they are not even finished yet? Man is a stepping stone to something better. This real better will be something that modern man cannot imagine. He will not be a Nazi Ubermensche. He will not be as perfect as the angels. He will not be a demon or a reptile without a soul. He will not be a computing machine with legs. He will not be a new age aquarian helium head hippie dork. He will be something that ordinary people simply cannot comprehend with their tiny brains. With any luck, someday there will be humans that really are what ordinary men only mimic or pretend to be today.

Those men on the Earth will be descended from those individually smart enough to survive the madness that is coming on this planet now.


trueaim said...

I have actually heard this before from some scientists and enviromentalists but we will be hearing it alot more now:
"The colder weather is a result of global warming"
blink, blink....

Willy said...

Tex, youre a Christian, you should know why people are the way they are, and how we'll end up, and why.

Chesterton said...

This is very well written. I've always thought the same, but have also wondered if there's a natural barrier which will prevent humans from evolving into something greater.

What I mean is, are there really any events that could possibly require an IQ greater than 160 and a will to survive in order to get through? I can't imagine anything in nature that would be so drastic as to eliminate everyone near that threshold. Sure, countless wars, climate change cycles and so forth will eventually eliminate anyone who is considered average or even above average by today's standards -- but will the remnant be any different than this era's cream of the crop?

Of course, there's always the 'random mutation' theory that most biologists use to explain the leap from monkey to Newton, Gauss, Tesla, et al. I'm not so sure that random mutations are responsible for such a huge increase in brainpower.

If there are no random mutations and no natural events devastating enough to push the average above 160 IQ, doesn't that just leave Nietzsche's Ubermensche as the final destination?