Friday, April 4, 2008

Feminism is Hate

Step 1 : Seize Their Institutions, Starting With the Educational System (Check)
Step 2 : Destroy The Family and Neuter The Males (Check)
Step 3 : Exterminate them all, down to the last man, woman and child (Soon enough)

Stang on Womanoids

Feedback From Stang's article

Think things like this happen accidentally? Ah, but friend, even that thought is not your own, it is something that is planted in your head by decades of media. In fact, for most of you, it is unlikely there is a single idea inside your skull that you can truly take credit for. You are changed into a mere echo chamber for some other man who has imposed his will not just on your mind but on your very soul.


Justin Patrick said...

This is terrifying.

Anonymous said...

Feminism is a terrible joke. Women and men are different. Not better rather they compliment each other.

I am of the firm belief that feminism is anti-family.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous here. My description of the Western Woman(TM) in an earlier article on this website still stands, and there is no defense against. Truly useless eaters they are. If we ever face an apocalyptic event I predict a sudden dramatic drop in the female population. Your hair and your nails and your profile will be the least of your worries when the only food to be found will be in garbage cans.

Enjoy middle age with your 30 cats.

Anonymous said...

I know of one single mum in particular. Left to fend for herself she has degenerated to the natural condition of the wealthy blonde bimbo, victim of her own devices: silicone tits, sleazy boyfriend, pet dogs cats goats horses pigs ducks, morning drinks at the pub, kids uncontrollable, house flea infested filthy and always a mess, no food in the cupboards...need I say more.
I fear for the future. Years ago a person would have been ashamed to live in such a way in this country.

Texas Arcane said...

You can't throw a stone into the air in the West without it coming down to hit a 40+ harridan whose entire life has been a random series of meaningless sexual humiliations with men who forgot her as soon as they finished. Nobody has ever loved her, she has never loved anyone else, her life and has slipped by without her even experiencing what it is to be a real woman and mother.

They've all their various stories but the real story is that they screwed up big time and better for them had they never even been born.

This is why we say it :

Televitz = DEATH.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're still here Tex.

Anyway - has anyone paid attention to how men and marriage are treated in pop culture? Marriage is a joke and Men are stupid compared to the pretty and intelligent woman.

It can also be very subtle. There is an ad on the Televitz for a dating web site that crosses off the men that aren't eligible to the beautiful single 30 something (no doubt she is damaged goods if she is beautiful, 30 and single but I digress). Anyway one group is the married man. He looks sad and has a ball and chain a ring and a baby all chained to his ankle. It's very subtle yet just compounds the damage from the mass media assault on the Family.