Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Every Nation Under Globalism : A Closed Island With No Food

Japan is just the first.

Under globalism, all your food production is moved somewhere else.

That means you can starve to death at any flashpoint if something, anything, anywhere interferes with the transport of that stuff from over there to over here.

Again, pretty easy concept to grasp.

If you live in a treehouse and can only get food if somebody puts it in a bucket you lower with a rope, then all they have to do is steal your ladder and cut your rope to starve you to death up there. This isn't nuclear physics. I could probably convey this idea to a chimpanzee using pantomime.


Anonymous said...

It's hitting the MSM.


lloyd travesser ziegler said...

Oh, and grow up Tex, this is America, we don't need no stinking arrest warrant......

Anonymous said...

First, the shortages started at the storage food businesses and canneries like Oregon Freeze Dry (maker of Mountain House and Provident Pantry lines of freeze dried foods). Now, it is showing up in the big box grocery chains like Costco and Sams Club where rice rationing started in California and has already spread to New England, New York, New Jersey, and Virginia. Some of these stores are also rationing flour and cooking oil.

When the Wall Street Journal (one of the most optimistic government/Wall Street controlled media outfits)starts telling their readers to invest in food storage, we are not far from wide spread panic here in the US.

Although I expected this to happen, I was thinking more along the lines of problems developing next winter or spring. Instead, at the current accelerated rate, we could have US food riots before the election in November and widespread shortages as early as June.

Anonymous said...

yeah.... Sometimes I wonder if next election will even take place... I mean, if GW works it out right, we can have a state of national emergency bad enough to enact his favorite FEMA programs, suspend the constitution, and eclipse even hitler's level of political masterminding.

Ironic that one of the biggest threats to world stability is a guy who can't even pronounce 'nuclear'

(A Thousand Good Intentions)