Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Doctors : Bad for Women, Children and Other Living Things

There's already a cure for cancer. It's called Vitamin D. It's cheap and cannot be patented. It's so cheap you can get your dosage from 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight each day. That's why no doctor will ever mention Vitamin D to you. Doctors don't make money treating well people. Doctors like to drive sports cars and date supermodels. They're not gonna get rich going around making people well.

The number one cause of breast cancer in the modern era is probably breast screening, which it is claimed is an exercise in detecting breast cancer early on. In fact, it is a way of causing breast cancer early on, generating money from patients who might have otherwise been just fine.

Everything in the modern world is a lie. It's all baloney from A to Z. At every point in which the mainstream society makes contact with you, you will notice you are wounded. It's sordid, tacky, unseemly and diseased rubbish, all of it. The guys who pretend they are the reasonable alternative? They're also rubbish and just playing good cop-bad cop to wind you up for another scam.


Anonymous said...

Doctors take the kudo's for the results from public health initiatives such as moving living quarters away from heavy industry.

Recently I visited the doctor because I was experiencing chest pain. He told me that I was to young to have a cardiac problem and dismissed me. It wasn't until I had left I thought "He didn't even use his stethoscope". FWIW the chest pain was from work stress.

Doctors = drug pushers

Anonymous said...

Heh anonymous the same thing happened to my mom when she was 43. Too young and not overweight, those chestpains cant possibly be her heart. After the third ambulance ride to the hospital my dad grabbed a doctor and demanded a full examination. Turned out it WAS her heart and she already had 5 infarctions. Three months of pain and misdiagnosis! Im still getting angry just thinking about it.

Doctors dont know shit. They know theory but in reality their own smugness clouds their judgement.