Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dinosaur Bones and Rotting Ferns On Titan's Moon!


You can bring it up, but honestly, how many people are left on the planet who can draw the conclusion out of it?

Brawndo! It's got what plants crave! It's got electrolytes.

There's no such thing as Peak Oil. All we have is Peak Demand and I am starting to wonder if even that is simply engineered.


Anonymous said...

So when are we going to liberate Titan from the Al Qaida menace? :)


thomas said...

Maybe Peak Oil needs to be explained to you in very simple terms...

You ever drink a very thick milk-shake with a straw? You remember what happens when you get towards the bottom and there's still lots of shake left?

And the straw becomes useless...

Texas Arcane said...

Maybe somebody needs to explain to you in simple terms the general fallacy inherent in all reasoning by analogy.

Your assertion we are at the bottom of the milkshake - that's an assumption for which you have no proof. I suspect there is enough oil beneath the skin of the earth to keep mankind happily supplied for another ten billion years. I also think it is not a finite resource, but rather a self-renewing one that has nothing to do with dinosaurs and algae and ferns.

I believe that all the oil we have harvested to date has been merely the impure crap on the top - we've never even tapped the good stuff. For that we have to drill down like Brazil exactly where the edjumificated people say no oil exists.

thomas said...

No, you still don't get it...

The analogy is when you get to the bottom of the milkshake it becomes HARDER to suck up the large amount of shake that is still there.

In regards to oil, considering much of the energy to power all of the machinery to get down there (and make all of the parts) requires the same oil that is being harvested your energy yield is dropping the further you go and the more you go after any of the heavy crude. The process will eventually reach a limit where it is no longer economically feasible to use oil as a mainstay energy source and the only purpose for going after any of it thereafter would be for maybe organic chemical feedstock for specialized materials - which would be expensive and still require some as yet developed new energy base.

The whole planet could be a gooey crude center and it still wouldn't matter. The energy required to keep drilling through the crust or extracting the gummy stuff from oil sands will always and forever exclude it as being the mainstay energy source beyond mid-21st Century

Anonymous said...

Biotic oil exist. Shit, we can make it in labs for years now. The question is does abiotic oil exists on this planet.

The fact we havent discovered a significant new oilwell in the past 20 years seems to exclude the existance of abiotic oil. And when there's money to be made, they will search thouroughly.

Oil a selfrenewing infinite source of energy? Hogwash!

Not everything is a conspiracy.


Anonymous said...

"we've never even tapped the good stuff. For that we have to drill down like Brazil exactly where the edjumificated people say no oil exists."

I have this funny think you are right on the money, lousy pun intended :-P

Texas Arcane said...

No, it is you who simply doesn't understand.

Did you know I once linked to from this website? Do you really think you have to explain Peak Oil theory to me after I have read thousands upon thousands of pages on the subject, likely far more than you could wade through in your entire lifetime? Do you really believe your little milkshake analogy is pushing the bounds of my intellectual capacity?

The difference between you and I is that you are largely a static creature and I am dynamic.

Frankly, it's a good little pack of lies. It had me going there for a while. I outgrew it, the way any real thinker will eventually outgrow an idea that is more form than substance.

The real reason that more discoveries of oil resources have not been made over the past fifty years is that 99% of the planet has been placed off limits for exploration and "exploitation" by the Bolshevist politics that you will find in power throughout the Western world. How can you find your car keys at night if the law only permits you to look under the street light where it is easiest to see?

We are forbidden to do research into nuclear power. We are forbidden to do research on a dozen alternative power sources because of the chance they might cause "pollution" somehow - hell, even biofuels are now being tagged as "dangerous" technologies.

The entire continental United States, most of Canada, most of Alaska and large parts of Mexico are forbidden to drill or even LOOK for oil in. It's a monopoly where the game of musical chairs has come to an end. If you were not sitting on an oil well with a permit in 1955 then you were not permitted to even search for one of your own after that.

Do you have any idea how much untapped land that is government owned exists throughout North America, not to even speak of the Pacific and Atlantic floor? Only a few narrow strips remain where geologists can even think about drilling into to look for oil.

All this rubbish about there being no oil left makes for a terrific cartel by the current owners of productive fields. Nobody benefits more from the "Peak Oil" scam than the oil producers themselves. If you don't believe me then look at their profit margins the past ten years.

Your bolshevist friends hang a concrete block off our testicles and then make fun of the way we walk. "What's wrong with you?" they ask, "How come you can't find any more oil?"

I have not even started with the intellectual limits placed on human inquiry in what is all-but-communist-in-name Amerikwa. People who would dare speak of abiotic oil on television get the same kinds of looks as Ron Paul.

A new Dark ages, like all dark ages, without oil for the candles.

As for the real world out there, I suspect there's enough damn oil to power us to Alpha Centauri and back a hundred times with a spacecraft engine that runs on diesel.