Tuesday, April 29, 2008

CDCommander Source Public Domain : Reboot

This is the CD Commander source code + executable : CDC Source Code

This is as many supplementary run-time files as I could find for Borland C++ Builder : RTL

Sorry about my first attempt, looks like I included a lot of unnecessary files and had it compiled for Dynamic run-time linking. This version I compiled from scratch with static libraries, but if you get any errors otherwise let me know.

It should be as simple as unzipping the file at the top of this blog to it's own directory and doubleclicking on "CDC.exe" to run it. If you have any problems please tell me. I also erased the database, you add new records by doubleclicking "->NEW RECORD" on either tab for Personnel or Inventory.

I figured if anyone used this source code they are first going to port it into a more recent version of C++ Builder.

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