Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Amerikwa Thinks Russians Are Stupid

You'd have to be pretty stupid, to be stupid enough to keep mentioning Iran as a justification for an ABM system on the Russian border. Really stupid. If that is the best spin you could think of, that would be symptomatic of just plain dopiness in the White House, it's diplomatic staff and defense cabinet. Really stupid. I don't think there would be anybody with an IQ over 110 in the entire White House, honestly. That's just dumb.

I don't think Russians are stupid. I think they are nearly geniuses compared to the Amerikwan government and pretty bright by any standard you would want to apply to them. If I was a Russian I would consider it very disrespectful and provocative if somebody had such little regard for me that they just pointed to some third world towelhead country of goatherders as an excuse while they were constructing an ABM network right at the edge of my territorial borders.

If I was Russian, I would think "I am definitely going to have to wax these a**holes in the near future. My own survival depends on it. They're idiots and they can't take 'no' for an answer."

The funny thing is that the Russians backed down in Cuba because they weren't stupid. They knew it wasn't worth fighting WW3 over and their withdrawal made a lot of sense.

I don't expect that Amerikwans will show equivalent judgement. Not at all. They just keep pushing. Somebody is going to turn a key and drop a thumb on these retards very soon if they keep it up. Governments like that don't endure for long. It's only a matter of time before they cross the wrong guy - and I am starting to wonder if Putin is that guy. It takes a smart person to know what sort of person Vladimir Putin is. I don't know if Amerikwans have that kind of sense left.

Once when I was younger, I saw some hippie bum taunt a bear in a forest reserve with a stick to see what would happen. The bear unzipped him from crotch to chin with one stroke. Darwin must've rolled over in his grave because the pathetic klown survived the attack. I don't think Amerikwa will survive.


Anonymous said...

Mess with Putin and he'll fuck you up, hardcore. We're talking KGB here. That man probably slit more throats then Bush snorted lines of coke.


trueaim said...

MarxistZionist Khazar Jews have been in control of Russia ever since they slaughtered their mortal enemies the Christian Romanovs, Dimitri Medvedev and puppet Putin are just two working crypto Yid boys who do what their told and recieve their earthly riches. The problem now is Amerikwa lost a stealth war to the same people, the MarxistZionist Khazars, there was a war and Amerikwans didnt turn up, they were watching 'superbowl' and playing 'shoot em up' in the desert, so they lost their country. And there are Gulags waiting for them, they the Khazars will play a game now of hegellian dialetics as they control both sides. We know how this ends, it ends as T.S elliott said 'not with a bang, but with a whimper', just shuffling feet moving silently into the darkness.
Such a shame to lose that Constitution, here in Australia we were founded as a penal colony now we're a quarry, never stood a chance, but America had a chance they had that Constitution!