Wednesday, April 16, 2008

American Bolshevism : The Draconian Police State

All you need to do with modern sheeple is invoke some night gaunt like "child abuse" and this generation will basically roll over like dogs and do whatever they are told.

All of this story is more like something you would expect to hear reports coming out of a communist country about a "crackdown" on this or that divergent viewpoint before it could gain any strength.

If you'll watch closely, you'll notice that any place where the numbers of white Europeans are growing as opposed to dwindling, you will very shortly see people in black ninja suits descending from military helicopters to handcuff that lot, wherever they are. Break it up people, you know you are not allowed to breed. That's only permitted of extra-special wonder people who occupy higher caste positions than you do.

Without extraordinary evidence of probable cause, the notion the government can separate women from children and lock them up inside a sports stadium without benefit of appeal is exactly the kind of thing you would expect of Nazi Germany. It represents a disregard for so many rights under the former system of law it is hard to know where to begin.

One of the oldest games in town for psychologists who need to drum up business is to isolate kids, any kids anywhere, and grill them until you can hatch some stories about child abuse out of them. It's natural for kids to fantasize when they are prodded and most shrinks know it's usually only a matter of time before they are spilling out the story of how Chuck Norris and Rodney Dangerfield pushed them into the all-black limousine, drove them to the cemetary and made them sit on a tombstone while they touched their privates. I predict an endless series of narratives emerging from this, when in fact what you had was some underage rape committed by a handful of men involved who probably are no more numerous inside the "compound" (small village of likeminded religious people) than in the world outside.

It always starts with fringe groups that nobody is willing to come forward to defend. If it flies, the government assumes it can push the limits a little more the next time.

The criminalization of all normal and natural life

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Anonymous said...

I've been through and seen those polygamist cults in southern utah. I've seen the hysterical victims come in to the hospital where I worked, after wandering into a police station bruised and battered from their wilderness escape. Extremely paranoid, fearful, convinced that their leaders are still watching them, that the people they go to for help are spies. Not able to trust anyone alive.

These girls are married off 'by god's will' at puberty, added to the harem of whoever puts in the word to their local 'bishop'...

I live in Utah, I see these pligs here and there... It's not a religion, it's a cult. These poor girls are so brainwashed there's hardly a shred of free will left in them by age twenty. The men all act, think, and speak as if God himself has vested them with authority over all laws and all other human beings.

It's nothing more than a group of sexual predators who back each other up and cultivate their own brood of victims. Every decade or so, these 'communities' have an unmanageable surplus of young men who have no girls their age for dating or marriage... God sends a decree to the local pastor that these young men are evil and sinful, and bam! they get a one-way ticket to phoenix, dropped off on the curb in a group of a hundred or more late-teen age boys, having NO education and NO skills training, not having the slightest idea how to function in society or interact with 'outsiders'.

A lot of men in these cults deserve worse than death. A lot of women in these cults deserve euthany if only to put an end to the suffering of their destroyed humanity. A lot of children have grown up in very sick and dysfunctional home dynamics that they may never fully recover from.