Saturday, April 19, 2008

All Charges In "Polygamist Raid" Demonstrated False!!!

Told you.

An anonymous phone tip from a black woman pretending to be a white runaway was all the Federal Government had in justification for a military assault on a village of white people followed by separating them into segregated camps and removing their children!

Let me say that again.

An anonymous phone tip from a black woman pretending to be a white runaway was all the Federal Government had in justification for a military assault on a village of white people followed by separating them into segregated camps and removing their children!


Notice how Amerikwans barely complained!

Next time, they come for you, dumba**!

Notice how absence of a crime is no proof you aren't guilty in modern Amerikwa.

Are you Amerikwans that stupid you don't know that the rate of underage pregnancy in the "cOmP0uNd" was actually far less than in the surrounding society? Have a think if you can!

The real crime here was that they were white Christians and they were reproducing. That's all the occupational government needed to know. These people are lucky they didn't get Waco'ed by ZOG as another training exercise. They should be glad just to still be alive. Normally the government incinerates them before they can appeal their conviction for crimes they never committed.


Anonymous said...

All I know is what I've seen, firsthand. I'm telling you, those polygamist cults are bad juju... As I said before, I have had to help firsthand, some of the victims who have escaped these little isolated 'cultures'... the rumors about raping children are true. the women there are so brainwashed they don't know up from down unless their husband gives them permission to know, and then tells them what to know. Everything about that society is evil in the most basic and true sense of the word.

I have been reduced to posting anonymously lately, as I for the life of me cannot remember my blogger password hehe... not that it matters as we all use handles anyways.

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

CadorBolin said...

They obviously don't apply the draconian ZOG standards against protected minorities who knock up government-subsidized welfare queens. I don't approve of polygamy, but their living arrangements are far less offensive.

Like you said in a previous blog entry--when TSHTF, I will openly and proudly be happy about the smack coming down that will kill off the cappucino sipper bureaucrats who sanction and approve ZOG's actions.

When the whole Waco thing was happening, although I was too young to be politically aware, I was sort of cheering for David Koresh and his followers. Something just didn't smell right for me back then in regards to what the government was doing.

Texas Arcane said...


That's more of the same ambiguous and vague rubbish that would never stand up in a legitimate court of law.

Are you saying that all subcultures in the United States with any resemblance should be broken up with the use of armed military forces and segregated into camps?

What do you really mean? Do you even know yourself?

I'm of the opinion that religious bigots like yourself are the ones who should go into camps. Should we send the SWAT team in kevlar over to your house right now with a helicopter?

What about people who pass on the left without signaling? Summary justice with firing squads? People who don't cover their mouths when they cough?

There is something fundamentally evil about religious bigots like yourself in the most basic and true sense of the word. Whatever the hell that means. I suspect it is gibberish.

Anonymous said...

No, Tex...that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that I've got more firsthand interaction and experience with this little group called 'FLDS' and SOME might say that puts me in a more qualified position of understanding than what little news tidbits trickle over to your side of the planet.

They are not a religion. They are a cult. They are nothing short of a coalition of pedophilic bigots who have banded together to practice 'spiritually sanctioned' rape of minors. I've been in their communities, I've lived in towns near their communities. I've seen some of the victims. I've known many of those families.

I'm a member of the REAL church that this small contingent of fanatics claims to trace their roots. And living in an area that is predominantly of my same religion, our local news is all over the streets watching this sensetive story and all it's details.

To put it in more basic terms, you don't have jack shit on my experience and what I know firsthand about these people. You're defending a group of pedophiles and dysfunctional psychotics tho think God commands them to fuck their nieses at the first sign of puberty. Your defense? a few technicalities regarding arrest procedure.

Would you argue that Mussolini never got a fair trial? These people are EVIL. They are an abomination in every biblical sense of their behavior, ESPECIALLY regarding children. they are NOT a functional, 'different than ours' society. their social model is constantly breaking down, resulting in mass-excommunication of their surplus of adult-aged single males, and mentally emotionally destroyed young women.

Have you SEEN any of the female interviews on video? have you seen how hollow of a husk of a human psyche resides in their heads? The more you get the know them, the more pronounced it is.

Tex, I understand religious persecution. Being a member of the only religion in America to have an arbitrary extermination order issued against them in history, having our first leader assasinated by a mob of baptist krisshans, I get what you're trying to say. But this is a pedophilic CULT hiding behind a thin veneer of 'religion'.

Not currently in the limelight, these communities are also known as major drug manufacturers and trafficking points. Not currently in the limelight, several murders and 'disappearances' have been connected to at least the one community I lived near, in Colorado City. Not currently in the limelight, two state troopers were recently busted in So. Utah for being on the plig payroll to wink at any errant signs of illegal activity.

I know what I am talking about. Compared to my perspective, you obviously don't. Relax, you can be right about a whole book of things that I'm wrong about. But this one is clearly in my ballcourt, not yours.

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

Anonymous said...

Tex calling someone else a religious bigot? Pot, meet kettle.

You know, all those posts about krischtians and such.....


Ice Cream Soldier said...

It's no secret that I am most certainly not a Christian but this smelled like a drunk's puke the minute I first heard it.

As a freeman I believe in another's right to believe or not believe as they choose as long as they harm no one else & I firmly believe in my right to defend against he who would cause me harm.

So far as I have seen these people were harming no one. Even my socialist leaning wife is incensed with this miscarriage. The state has caused, perhaps, irreparable harm.

When no pregnant 16 year old bride of a 50 year old man was found and it was known that the call was not real all action should have stopped and, actually an apology should have been given as the pigs immediately unassed private property.

If they felt that there were unhappy women there who were afraid to leave on their own they could have given them the chance at that time.

Nobody seems to mind when 3-4 trailer trash women shack up with some nigger somewhere but you call a bunch of folks living a simple, apparently happy, life bad juju. Why?

Was there anything you saw that made you believe that was an evil society? So far, all reports of the children are that they are regular, well adjusted kids. Don't expect that to last now that the state owns them. Pretty soon they will be drugged and forced into homes where depravity has been proven to occur since foster homes became reality.

The only thing these people did wrong was segregate themselves by their own choice (freedom of association) and that removed them from the control of the state so they had to pay.

You want to see some bad juju wait until the state has finished with them. So tell me...which is really the evil society?

Ice Cream Soldier said...


You call this a cult? True. but they've harmed no one that we know of. All religions are dangerous but if you're trying to say you're a Mormon and, in the same breath, call them a cult I have to echo

When I was a young lad my mother got in with your group through her mother and we were forced in. Tell me about cults!!

The point is not that you have had experience with some evil groups but, that there was no just, Constitutional cause to do what has been done.

The call was a fraud and probably a setup by the police.

Take your biased anger at the 'true followers' and examine it. They actually follow the 'BOOK' that your group followed until it became more expediant for them not to. Just like the black folk acceptance you guys finally decided on. You go where the whim takes you.

At least they will abide what they consider their law without change, unlike all the rest.

Still haven't heard any proof of pedophilia so far and now that they are in the hands of the state there is no telling what they will be forced to say and any reasonable person will take it with more than a grain of salt..

Texas Arcane said...

I hate people who use cliches like "good intentions" in their blogger passwords. I think they are evil in the truest sense of the word. Any nation would react to their presence by killing such people like insects or else forcing them into lives as minimum-wage slaves making license plates for the state.



Anonymous said...

LOL Ice Cream Soldier! Just because you have a neurotic mother who 'forced' your poor little submissive ass into a religion you didn't like. I hope you can imagine me playing a violin for you because I'm doing it as hard as I can.

And tex, I do appreciate your asshole sense of humor. It's nice to be able to get a little flame war out without people crying for a change.

I feel bad for the women and children. But I still assert that these evasive, child-raping men need to be stopped.

To answer your question, tex, there are no formal charges currently. However, nobody is in jail, currently. The situation is under investigation.... Just like you don't need formal 'charges' to have your bags searched in U.S. customs, even if you're a U.S. citizen with all the constitutional rights pertaining thereto.

Yes, there are sad circumstances revolving around these children, as the sheer VOLUME of those involved in the investigation present ligistical problems never before encountered. It will take time to sort things out.

Yeah, the black woman faked the phone call. Obviously there has been new evidence and new suspicions emerging after the fact, that have prolonged the investigation....a sixteen year old girl with four children who claims to be married, for example.

UNDER INVESTIGATION. nobody is charged, nobody is convicted, but the state is doing what they can to make sure these poor kids aren't going back to be molested in a compound widely known, widely suspected, and in the case of it's former leader Warren Jeffs, often convicted of RAPE of MINORS

holy shit am I the only sane person in this blog or what?

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

Well I better get back to stamping license plates. My break is up...