Friday, March 14, 2008

ZOGBUX Death Spiral

The U.S. dollar is headed for 1928 Weimar, Germany.

The Amero will not succeed. NAFTA will not succeed.

My country is dead. It died twenty eight years ago. Long live America.

Amerikwa is insolvent

I hope they attack Iran. It is time to put an end to their suffering.

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CadorBolin said...

90% of the American public does not even know what is happening right now--the mainstream media doesn't help, but that's because they are so incredibly stupid that they cannot think critically for themselves.

Think of those 'kwans who got ahead because of affirmative action--what will they do when there is no infrastructure left to support their ethnically-based political patronage jobs? They don't even know WHY they had it so easy up until now.

There will be blood, and I'll hardly cry tear as the 'kwans tear each others' throats out. Those who have 'hoarded' and have a vault will weather this shitstorm.

Whoever inherits the Presidency of the 'Kwa will get his head put on a platter. The best thing that could happen is that President Obama is the one who takes the blame. I'd imagine that the patriotic 'cannon fodder' (those foot soldiers who support the Republicans) will turn 180 degrees against ZOG foreign policy when they have the "new tan man" mongrel as commander-in-chief.