Thursday, March 13, 2008

ZBUX Crater : A Reviled Currency Throughout The World

They've still got the people in the U.S. watching for the globalist paradise a'coming, rainbows and smurfs and dancing horses with ponytails. The poor bastards don't realize they are in rags, their nation has been looted down to bedrock and left looking like a soiled hanky in a massage parlor. Amerikwa will never again be an economic engine of prosperity. All the things that made America great have been robbed and replaced with chintzy, schmaltzy trinkets like the ones they sold to the Indians.

I've spoken to some of them recently. They think this is just a little speed bump in the road. Back to champagne and caviar dreams shortly.

You have to feel sorry for them. They have nothing left to sell, an average IQ of 97 and lack even the crudest means of supplying their own needs. All the people who occupied their institutions are packing their suitcases and closing up their houses. They want to know what it is they should do. Will there be a delay in the delivery of the rainbow soup in the silver bowls? How far away is utopia now?


trueaim said...

I am still waiting for that time when someone in Amerikwa asks;
"What about the gold in Fort Knox?", "Now that gold is so high can't we use all that gold we have got to pay back our debt?", "It's still there right?"
No, I am afraid when those big steel doors are thrown open all that we be found is a scrap of yellowed paper with I.O.U scribbled on it!

Ice Cream Soldier said...

The gold at Ft. Knox was moved in the '70s & '80s to New York to be placed in the vaults under what I believe was part of the WTC. Very good reason to blow these buildings, if true, as they most likely were about to be exposed for looting it or they just wanted to insure that they never could be exposed.

There will be no IOU as they don't feel that they owed anyone except themselves.

Apparently one or two things have occurred here; 1) they left a small amount of gold to act as a fascia or 'false face' to form an appearance of stacks of gold for the approval of inspection teams or, 2) they have placed gold covered lead or steels bars in the vaults as a distraction.

How do I surmise this? My property abuts Ft. Knox and I work in a profession which brings me in close contact with active duty guards there as well as retired vault guards.

There's more in some respects to the subterranean levels of Ft. Knox but much less in respect to the stated use for the vaults.