Saturday, March 15, 2008

Who Is Engineering Famine?

Trust me, if our civilization is so weak and sickly that a little drought and cold weather can blow it down overnight, it's for the best. There has to be something that can replace that inferior structure and it's best served up with less, not more government. If the sheeple think 2007-2008 were bad years for agriculture, what in the hell will they do when we start to see some real bad weather in the following years? Our society is pathetic and fragile, like all centrally controlled nations throughout history. A bunch of mediocre losers sit on top of the food chain and give orders like children to farmers as to how to best manage their crops. These idiots are not just unqualified to manage agriculture, they're inadequate to manage anything. If they were competent, what in the hell would they be doing working for the government? They'd be off making a fortune on their own somewhere.

All over the planet you've got surpluses being deliberately left to rot from government interference in market forces. I believe governments worldwide are conspiring to drive up food prices and blame it on the cost of oil. The reality is the entire planet is run like a communist kibbutz and the natural laws of supply and demand have been thwarted in favor of a whacky socialist system that goes to pieces the instant a little bad climate comes our way. Anybody with eyes in their head should have figured out by now that globalism is a crazy patchquilt of marxist ideas and doomed to failure. It doesn't meet human needs and that is why it will fail.

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Anonymous said...

As a young boy my grandmother would milk a cow and I would drink a bottle of fresh milk every morning.
Now, it is illegal to sell milk or milk product that is not treated thoroughly for the greater goodness, one cannot grow and sell fresh produce and soon I am sure they will ban private gardens and chicken pens etc. being owned by private citizens.

All for our own good and well being you know...