Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What is planned before the end of G.W.'s term?

Lind points out that losing that war right now would be a historic turning point from which the Amerikwan military may never recover. Maybe it is desired that no troops return home except in body bags so that obstacles to NAFTA will be minimal and scattered.


Anonymous said...

Think Stalingrad, Dunkirk, or Corrigidor / Bataan. All three are cases where armies were effectively destroyed and only the British at Dunkirk managed to get any troops home safe (but their equipment was a total loss). We could easily loose our American expeditionary forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and would be lucky if 20% made it home. 90% would die or end up as POWs.

Anonymous said...

Any US citizen left behind would look forward to being interrogated akin to those poor Afghan Goat herders.